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Proposals/Search Tool

World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07)

Contributor: AUS
Agenda Item: None
How to use:


Key Legend
How to use
The list can be explored by using one or more filter(s). For example, to obtain a list of proposals relating to a particular Agenda Item, select "Contributor" plus the particular Agenda Item required. Links to documents will be active only when the particular document concerned is posted on the Web.

Note : the Proposals are automatically extracted from the Contributions, which remain the reference documents.

Agenda Item Proposal Type
1.2 AUS/95/1 MOD
1.2 AUS/95/2 MOD
1.2 AUS/95/3 ADD
1.5 AUS/96/1 MOD
1.5 AUS/96/1A MOD
1.5 AUS/96/2 ADD
1.5 AUS/96/3 NOC
1.8 AUS/97/1 ADD
1.8 AUS/97/3 MOD
Agenda Item Proposal Type
1.21 AUS/98/1 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/2 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/3 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/4 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/5 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/6 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/6 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/7 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/8 MOD
Agenda Item Proposal Type
1.21 AUS/98/8 MOD
1.21 AUS/98/9 MOD
1.13 AUS/139/1 NOC
1.13 AUS/139/1A NOC
1.13 AUS/139/1B NOC
1.13 AUS/139/2 SUP
1.13 AUS/139/3 NOC
1.13 AUS/139/3A NOC
1.13 AUS/139/3B NOC
Total: 27


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