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UIT-T SG 12  TD-GEN (2013-03-19) 


Qualité de fonctionnement, qualité de service et qualité d'expérience

Période d'études 2013

Réunion  du 2013-03-19 au 2013-03-28

Lieu : Suisse [Genève]

Autres réunions : 2016-10-20  2016-06-07  2016-01-12  2015-05-05  2014-12-12  2014-09-02  2014-03-25  2013-12-03  [ 2013-03-19 ] 

Resultats:184 documents
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Documents Temporaires  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Titre Source AI/Question
[ 184-GEN ]  
Presentations for SG12 Orientation session for newcomers     Chairman SG12   QALL/12   2013-04-18
[ 183-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new Y.RMQoSInt     Editors   Q12/12   2013-04-12
[ 182-GEN ]  
Information on logistics towards the next meeting     TSB   QALL/12   2013-03-28
[ 181-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new P.1202.2 (ex P.NBAMS-HR)     Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2013-03-28
[ 180-GEN ]  
Executive Summary of the Working Party 3/12 Meeting     Chairman WP3/12   Q17/12, Q13/12, Q12/12, Q11/12   2013-03-28
[ 179-GEN ]  
Executive Summary of the Working Party 2/12 Meeting     Chairman WP2/12   Q9/12, Q8/12, Q16/12, Q15/12, Q14/12   2013-03-28
[ 178-GEN ]  
Executive Summary of the Working Party 1/12 Meeting     Chairman WP1/12 , Vice-Chair WP1/12   Q7/12, Q6/12, Q5/12, Q4/12, Q3/12, Q10/12   2013-03-28
[ 177-GEN ]  
Study Group 12 Closing Plenary presentation     Chairman SG12   QALL/12   2013-03-28
[ 176-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Terms of Reference for a proposed Intersectoral Rapporteur Group     ITU-T SG12   QALL/12   2013-03-27
[ 175-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Telecommunication Management and OAM Project Plan     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-27
[ 174-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Invitation to contribute to the cloud computing roadmap population     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-27
[ 173-GEN ]  
OLS: FG Distraction final report and deliverables relevant to Q27/16     ITU-T SG12   Q4/12   2013-03-27
[ 172-GEN ]  
Status Report of BSG     Rapporteurs BSG   Q1/12   2013-03-27
[ 171-GEN ]  
Report of the SG12 RG-AFR meeting     Chairman SG12 RG AFR   Q1/12   2013-03-27
[ 170-GEN ]  
Updated work programme for Q14/12     Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2013-03-27
[ 169-GEN ]  
Draft Amendment 1 to Recommendation ITU-T P.1202.1     Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2013-03-27
[ 168-GEN ]  
OLS: Exchange of information on multimedia QoE assessment activities     ITU-T SG12   Q17/12, Q14/12, Q13/12   2013-03-27
[ 167-GEN ]  
Draft Amendment 1 to P.58 (for consent)     Rapporteur Q5/12   Q5/12   2013-03-27
[ 166-GEN ]  
Proposed draft revised Recommendation ITU-T P.381 (for consent)     Rapporteur Q3/12   Q3/12   2013-03-27
[ 165-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS on Handbook on Network performance testing and monitoring for guarantee required QoS for NGN services     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-27
[ 164-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Request to all Study Groups to update the reference table of ITU-T Recommendations to be tested for conformity/interoperability, parameters and available test suites     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-27
[ 163-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Request to fill a) living list of technologies suitable for testing and b) list of possible pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recommendations     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-27
[ 162-GEN ]  
Proposed Amendment 1 to Recommendation ITU-T P.1202 (for agreement)     Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2013-03-26
[ 161-GEN ]  
Draft Amendment 1 to Recommendation ITU-T P.1201.2 (for consent)     Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2013-03-26
[ 160-GEN ]  
Draft Amendment 1 to Recommendation ITU-T P.1201 (for agreement)     Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2013-03-26
[ 159-GEN ]  
OLS: Proposed draft new Recommendation ITU-T: Procedures for the identification and selection of common modes of de-jitter buffers     ITU-T SG12   Q11/12   2013-03-26
[ 158-GEN ]  
Updated Work programme of Question 10/12     Rapporteurs Q10/12   Q10/12   2013-03-26
[ 157-GEN ]  
Proposal to start a new work item P.MMIC in Q3/12     Rapporteur Q3/12   Q3/12   2013-03-26
[ 156-GEN ]  
Additional Measurements of the HEAD acoustics HMS II.3 artificial mouth simulator     Rapporteur Q4/12   Q5/12   2013-03-26
[ 155-GEN ]  
Proposed update for Annex E of P.64 (for agreement)     Rapporteur Q5/12   Q5/12   2013-03-26
[ 154-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to liaison from 3GPP SA WG4 and ETSI TC STQ     Rapporteur Q5/12   Q5/12   2013-03-26
[ 153-GEN ]  
OLS: The requirements and problems expressed by developing countries on QoS and QoE, and how SG 12 can offer them support as part of its mandate     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-26
[ 152-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Activities related to Internet of Things     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-26
[ 151-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: SG12 contact to JCA-COP     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-26
[ 150-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Invitation to participate in and provide input to the work of the Correspondence Group on the Elaboration of a Working Definition of the Term "ICT"     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-26
[ 149-GEN ]  
OLS: FG Distraction final report and deliverables     ITU-T SG12   Q4/12   2013-03-26
[ 148-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply on Technical Paper - How to increase QoS/QoE of IP-based platform(s) to regionally agreed standards     Rapporteurs Q11/12   Q11/12   2013-03-25
[ 147-GEN ]  
OLS: Revision of G.1000     Q2/12   Q2/12   2013-03-25
[ 146-GEN ]  
OLS: LS to Q10/16 requesting to include a modified MNRU into the new edition of the STL G.191 Recommendation     Rapporteurs Q7/12   Q7/12   2013-03-25
[ 145-GEN ]  
Proposed Text for revision of P.Imp830 (for agreement)     Rapporteurs Q7/12   Q7/12   2013-03-25
[ 144-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply LS to Q21/16 on new testing methodology for subjective assessment of Text-To-Speech (COM16-LS-317)     Rapporteurs Q7/12   Q7/12   2013-03-25
[ 143-GEN ]  
Incoming LS: Reply LS to JCA-COP on its formation and invitation to nominate representatives from ITU-T study groups, to participate in the work of JCA-COP in the future (JCA-COP - LS 001 - E)     ITU-T SG2   Q1/12   2013-03-25
[ 142-GEN ]  
OLS: LS on new Recommendation P.MOS     Rapporteur Q13/12   Q13/12   2013-03-25
[ 141-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS on SG15 OTNT Standardization Work Plan     ITU-T SG12   Q17/12   2013-03-25
[ 140-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS on New versions of the Access Network Transport (ANT) Standardization Plan and Work Plan     ITU-T SG12   Q17/12   2013-03-25
[ 139-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS on input on ITS performance measurement methods, QoS, and QoE     ITU-T SG12   Q17/12   2013-03-25
[ 138-GEN ]  
A.1 Annex A: Proposed Recommendation on Hand-over performance among multiple access networks     Editor Y.15HO   Q17/12   2013-03-25
[ 137-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply to LS: Activities related to smart grid     ITU-T SG12   Q1/12   2013-03-25
[ 136-GEN ]  
Draft revised Recommendation ITU-T G.1011 (for consent)     Rapporteur Q13/12   Q13/12   2013-03-22
[ 135-GEN ]  
OLS: Reply LS to ITU-T SG 16/Q5 on one-way delay limits and QoE for telepresence     Rapporteurs Qs 10 & 11/12   Q11/12, Q10/12   2013-03-22
Resultats:184 documents
Résultats :  1 - 2 - 3 - 4  - Suivant Next
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