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ITU-T SG 17  TD (2019-08-27) 



Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2019-08-27 to 2019-09-05

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2020-08-25  2020-03-17  [ 2019-08-27 ]  2019-01-22  2018-08-29  2018-03-20  2017-08-29  2017-03-22 

Results:509 total items.
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Temporary Documents  (PLEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 2465-PLEN ]  
Provisional Draft Report of Informal Gathering of SG17RG-AFR held in Geneva, 30 August 2019     Chairman SG17RG-AFR   Q1/17   2019-09-02
[ 2464-PLEN ]  
Updated 4th revised text of X.1054-rev (1st CD 27014): Governance of information security     Editors   Q3/17   2019-09-02
[ 2463-PLEN ]  
Comments on the 4th revised text of X.1054-rev (1st CD 27014): Governance of information security     Editors   Q3/17   2019-09-02
[ 2462-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Unified Security Model (USM) - a single neutral integrated system approach to Cybersecurity     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2461-PLEN ]  
5th Revised draft baseline text for X.sfop: Security framework of open platform for FinTech services     Editors   Q7/17   2019-09-02
[ 2460-PLEN ]  
Revised draft text for X.sec_QKDN_ov: Quantum key distribution networks - security overview     Editors   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2459-PLEN ]  
Revised draft text for X.sec_QKDN_km: Security Requirements for QKD Networks - Key Management     Editors   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2458-PLEN ]  
4th revised draft for X.tfrca: Technical framework of risk identification to enhance authentication     Editors   Q7/17   2019-09-02
[ 2457-PLEN ]  
Updated Question text for M/17     Rapporteur Q14/17   Q14/17   2019-09-02
[ 2456-PLEN ]  
Baseline text for X.tsfpp: Technical security framework for users' personal information protection while countering mobile messaging spam     Editors   Q5/17   2019-09-02
[ 2455-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item X.sec_QKDN_TN: Security requirements for Quantum Key Distribution Networks-Trusted node     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2454-PLEN ]  
Updated Question text for Q6/17     Rapporteur Q6/17   Q6/17   2019-09-02
[ 2453-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Security guidelines for the use of remote access tools in Internet-connected control systems     Rapporteur Q6/17   Q6/17   2019-09-02
[ 2452-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Data Schemas for Integrated Cyber Defence Solutions     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2451-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Design Principles and Best Practices in Security Architectures     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2450-PLEN ]  
1st Revised baseline text for TP.sgstruct: Strategic approaches to the transformation of security studies     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2449-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sgBDIP: Security Guidelines for Big Data infrastructure and platform     Editors   Q8/17   2019-09-02
[ 2448-PLEN ]  
LS/i on Status - August 2019 [from Fido Alliance]     Fido Alliance   Q10/17   2019-09-02
[ 2447-PLEN ]  
3rd revised text for X.tas: Telebiometric authentication using speaker recognition     Editors   Q9/17   2019-09-02
[ 2446-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sgcc: Security Guidelines of Container in cloud computing environment     Editors   Q8/17   2019-09-02
[ 2445-PLEN ]  
Draft revised Q3/17 (C/17) text (for submission)     Rapporteur Q3/17   Q3/17   2019-09-02
[ 2444-PLEN ]  
LS/o on Related work item to creation of new Question Q12/16 (Visual surveillance systems and services) [to ITU-T SG16]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q6/17   2019-09-02
[ 2443-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.1605 (X.SRIaaS): Security requirements of public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in cloud computing (for determination)     Editors   Q8/17   2019-09-02
[ 2442-PLEN ]  
Revised amendment txt for X.1197: Guidelines on criteria for selecting cryptographic algorithms for IPTV service and content protection (for agreement)     Editors   Q6/17   2019-09-02
[ 2441-PLEN ]  
Final baseline text for X.sct-dlt: Security threats to Distributed Ledger Technology (for consent)     Rapporteur Q14/17   Q14/17   2019-09-02
[ 2440-PLEN ]  
2nd revised baseline text for X.srip-dlt: Security requirements for intellectual property management based on distributed ledger technology     Editors   Q14/17   2019-09-02
[ 2439-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.fstiscv: Framework of security threat information sharing for connected vehicles     Editors   Q13/17   2019-09-02
[ 2438-PLEN ]  
4th revised baseline text for X.edrsec: Security guidelines for cloud-based event data recorders in automotive environment     Editors   Q13/17   2019-09-02
[ 2437-PLEN ]  
Revised base text of X.itssec-3: Security requirements for external devices with vehicle access capability     Editors   Q13/17   2019-09-02
[ 2436-PLEN ]  
Proposal for Question text of Q13     Rapporteur Q13/17   QALL/17, Q13/17   2019-09-02
[ 2435-PLEN ]  
LS/o on new work item TR.cs-ai: Countering spam based on AI [to ITU-T SG13, ITU-T SG2, ITU-T FG-AI4EE]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q5/17   2019-09-02
[ 2434-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.tfcmms: Technical framework for countering Multimedia Messaging Service spam     Editors   Q5/17   2019-09-02
[ 2433-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item for X.sgmc: Security guidelines for multi-cloud     Rapporteur Q8/17   Q8/17   2019-09-02
[ 2432-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sgdc: Security guidelines for distributed cloud     Editors   Q8/17   2019-09-02
[ 2431-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.1372 (X.itssec-2): Security guidelines for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication systems (for determination)     Editors   Q13/17   2019-09-02
[ 2430-PLEN ]  
Action points for the co-located meetings between Q4/17 and Q16/13 for Quantum related work items     rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2429-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Requirements of security situational awareness platform for cloud computing     Editors   Q8/17   2019-09-02
[ 2428-PLEN ]  
Baseline text for X.nsom-sec: security requirements and architecture for network slice orchestration and management     Editors   Q2/17   2019-09-02
[ 2427-PLEN ]  
1st baseline text of X.sr_cphr: Security requirements for cloud-based platform to support low latency and high reliability application scenarios     Editors   Q8/17   2019-09-02
[ 2426-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Technical framework for Secure Multi-Party Computation     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2425-PLEN ]  
Proposal for a new work item, X.ipscv: Methodologies for intrusion prevention systems for connected vehicles     Rapporteur Q13/17   Q13/17   2019-09-02
[ 2424-PLEN ]  
Revised draft text for X.1371(X.stcv): Security threats in connected vehicles (for determination)     Editors   Q13/17   2019-09-02
[ 2423-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.SDSec: Guideline on Software-defined Security in Software-defined Networking/Network Function Virtualization Network     Editors   Q2/17   2019-09-02
[ 2422-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.amas-iot : Aggregate message authentication scheme with group authentication capability for IoT environment     Editors   Q6/17   2019-09-02
[ 2421-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Implications and further considerations of Security Architecture Patterns     Rapporteur Q2/17   Q2/17   2019-09-02
[ 2420-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: security capabilities of network layer for 5G edge computing     Rapporteur Q6/17   Q6/17   2019-09-02
[ 2419-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: security architecture for evaluating technical vulnerabilities     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-02
[ 2418-PLEN ]  
Revised texts for new question on security aspects of emerging computational technologies     Rapporteur Q4/17   Q4/17   2019-09-01
[ 2417-PLEN ]  
Proposal for new work item: Problem, Requirement and Framework of an Off-chain OID Resolution     Rapporteur Q11/17   Q11/17   2019-09-01
[ 2416-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.itssec-4: Methodologies for intrusion detection system on in-vehicle system     Editors   Q13/17   2019-09-01
Results:509 total items.
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