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ITU-T SG 17  TD (2018-08-29) 



Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2018-08-29 to 2018-09-07

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

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Temporary Documents  (PLEN)  [ Source: Editors ]   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 1621-PLEN ]  
Technical Corrigendum to Rec. ITU-T X.509 (2016) | ISO/IEC 9594-8:2017     Editors   Q11/17   2018-09-06
[ 1614-PLEN ]  
1st revised base text of X.framcdc     Editors   Q3/17   2018-09-05
[ 1612-PLEN ]  
A.5 justification information for X.ucstix, Use Cases for Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX)  
Editors   Q4/17   2018-09-05
[ 1607-PLEN ]  
Current text of draft Recommendation ITU-T X.1252 "Baseline identity management terms and definitions"     Editors   Q10/17   2018-09-05
[ 1606-PLEN ]  
Updated text for X.dlt-sec, "Security considerations for using DLT data in Identity Management     Editors   Q14/17   2018-09-05
[ 1605-PLEN ]  
Baseline text of draft Recommendation X.stcv (Security Threats in Connected Vehicles)     Editors   Q13/17   2018-09-05
[ 1601-PLEN ]  
Base text of ITU-T X.uav-oid     Editors   Q11/17   2018-09-05
[ 1600-PLEN ]  
2nd draft text of X.1254-rev     Editors   Q10/17   2018-09-05
[ 1592-PLEN ]  
2nd revised text for ITU-T X.sgos: Security Guidelines of Web-based Online Customer Service     Editors   Q7/17   2018-09-05
[ 1591-PLEN ]  
2nd revised text for ITU-T X.1052-rev: Organization information security management guideline     Editors   Q3/17   2018-09-05
[ 1590-PLEN ]  
2nd revised draft text of X.1054-rev     Editors   Q3/17   2018-09-05
[ 1588-PLEN ]  
1st revised text for ITU-T X.ssp-iot: Security Requirements and Framework for IoT Service Platform     Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-05
[ 1577-PLEN ]  
Second baseline text for X.itssec-5, Security guidelines for vehicular edge computing     Editors   Q13/17   2018-09-04
[ 1572-PLEN ]  
Base text of ITU-T Recommendation X.uaf     Editors   Q10/17   2018-09-04
[ 1564-PLEN ]  
The revised proposal for a new work item X.tfcmms: Technical framework for countering Multimedia Messaging Service spam     Editors   Q5/17   2018-09-04
[ 1563-PLEN ]  
ITU-T X.orf-gs, "OID-based resolution framework for IoT group services" (for Consent)     Editors   Q11/17   2018-09-04
[ 1559-PLEN ]  
Revised text for A new work item proposal on Security Requirements for IoT devices and gateway  
Withdrawn - replaced by TD1568
Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-04
[ 1558-PLEN ]  
Very first draft for X.b2m, Biology-to machine protocol     Editors   Q9/17   2018-09-04
[ 1557-PLEN ]  
Base text of ITU-T Recommendation X.ctap     Editors   Q10/17   2018-09-04
[ 1553-PLEN ]  
4th draft text of X.eaasd     Editors   Q9/17, Q10/17   2018-09-04
[ 1547-PLEN ]  
New revised baseline text of draft Recommendation X.secup-iot (Secure software update for IoT devices)     Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-04
[ 1543-PLEN ]  
ITU-T X.1042: Security services using the software-defined networking (for determination)     Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-04
[ 1541-PLEN ]  
3rd revised text for X.ucstix, Use Cases for Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX)(for determination)     Editors   Q4/17   2018-09-04
[ 1535-PLEN ]  
The 1st base text of X.srcd, Security Requirements of Categorized Data in V2X Communication     Editors   Q13/17   2018-09-04
[ 1533-PLEN ]  
2nd base text of X.mdcv, Security-related misbehaviour detection mechanism based on big data analysis for connected vehicles     Editors   Q13/17   2018-09-04
[ 1531-PLEN ]  
2nd revised baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.strdlt: Security threats and requirements of digital payment services based on distributed ledger technology     Editors   Q14/17   2018-09-04
[ 1529-PLEN ]  
ITU-T X.1361, Security framework for the Internet of things based on the gateway model (for TAP approval)     Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-04
[ 1528-PLEN ]  
New baseline for X.SDSec: Guideline on Software-defined Security in Software-defined Networking/Network Function Virtualization Network     Editors   Q2/17   2018-09-04
[ 1527-PLEN ]  
New baseline for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.sdnsec-3: Security guideline of service function chain based on software defined network (for determination)     Editors   Q2/17   2018-09-04
[ 1526-PLEN ]  
New baseline for draft Recommendation X.5Gsec-q: Security guidelines for applying quantum-safe algorithms in 5G systems     Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-04
[ 1525-PLEN ]  
New baseline for Security Services based on Distributed Ledger Technology     Editors   Q14/17   2018-09-04
[ 1524-PLEN ]  
Proposed draft text for X.sup-13rev, "Users' guide for information security controls in telecommunications organizations" (for agreement)     Editors   Q3/17   2018-09-04
[ 1523-PLEN ]  
The initial baseline text of Recommendation X.1373 rev.     Editors   Q13/17   2018-09-04
[ 1521-PLEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new X.srfb     Editors   Q7/17   2018-09-04
[ 1518-PLEN ]  
Revised base text of X.itssec-3, Security requirements for vehicle accessible external devices     Editors   Q13/17   2018-09-03
[ 1516-PLEN ]  
Revised base text of X.itssec-4: Methodologies for intrusion detection system on in-vehicle system     Editors   Q13/17   2018-09-03
[ 1515-PLEN ]  
Proposed new draft text for Recommendation X.ibc-iot     Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-03
[ 1514-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.fgati: Framework and Guidelines for Applying Threat Intelligence in Telecom Network Operation     Editors   Q4/17   2018-09-03
[ 1513-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.sgtBD: Security guidelines of data lifecycle management for telecom Big Data     Editors   Q8/17   2018-09-03
[ 1511-PLEN ]  
1st revised text for ITU-T X.das-mgt, Security framework for the data access and sharing management system based on the distributed ledger technology     Editors   Q14/17   2018-09-03
[ 1510-PLEN ]  
New baseline document of the work item X.GSBDaaS     Editors   Q8/17   2018-09-03
[ 1509-PLEN ]  
2nd revised text for ITU-T, Security assurance for distributed ledger technology     Editors   Q14/17   2018-09-03
[ 1508-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.SRNaaS     Editors   Q8/17   2018-09-03
[ 1507-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sgBDIP     Editors   Q8/17   2018-09-03
[ 1504-PLEN ]  
Proposal draft text for ITU-T X.tac, "Telebiometric access control with smart ID cards" (for consent)     Editors   Q9/17   2018-09-03
[ 1502-PLEN ]  
The revised draft ITU-T X.fdip, Framework of de-identification processing service for telecommunication service providers     Editors   Q7/17   2018-09-03
[ 1500-PLEN ]  
Revised baseline text of X.iotsec-3 (Technical framework of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) handling system in IoT environment)     Editors   Q6/17   2018-09-03
[ 1497-PLEN ]  
2nd Revised baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T X.sct-dlt: Security capabilities of, and threats to Distributed Ledger Technology     Editors   Q14/17   2018-09-03
[ 1494-PLEN ]  
4th revised text for draft recommendation ITU-T Telebiometric authentication using biosignals     Editors   Q9/17   2018-09-03
[ 1491-PLEN ]  
New baseline document of the work item X.grm     Editors   Q3/17   2018-09-03
Results:84 total items.
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