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Performance, QoS and QoE

Study Period 2013

Results:22 total items.
Contributions  [ AI/Question: Q12/12 ]   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 393 ]  
QoS of GSM mobile networks in Burkina Faso     Burkina Faso   Q12/12   2016-05-25
[ 392 ]  
Y. FMIPQoS: Framework for Monitoring the QoS of IP network services     Rwanda   Q12/12   2016-05-25
[ 391 ]  
Challenges of quality of services in developing countries and The Gambia in particular     Gambia   Q12/12   2016-05-25
[ 381 ]  
Creation of CEM Index for top services in operators' network to score customer experience in terms of basic performance metrics     Türk Telekom Group   Q12/12   2016-05-25
[ 379 ]  
Maximizing throughput on User Equipment measurement for 4G (LTE) network technology to increase the Quality of Services.     Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia   Q12/12   2016-05-25
[ 376 ]  
Proposed Traffic Forecasting Methodology to E.QMME     Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações - ANATEL , Brazil   Q12/12   2016-05-25
[ 356 ]  
Comments on Draft New Recommendation: Framework for Monitoring the QoS of IP network services     AT&T, Inc.   Q12/12   2016-05-23
[ 345 ]  
The improvement of quality of service in the telecommunications sector of Cameroon     Cameroon , Ministère des Postes et des Télécommunications   Q12/12   2016-05-04
[ 344 ]  
Traffic Forecasting and Network Dimensioning Techniques for Major Events     National Communications Authority, Ghana   Q12/12   2016-04-27
[ 336 ]  
Proposal of New Recommendation - Quality Measurement in Major Events     Brazil   Q12/12   2015-12-23
[ 298 ]  
Proposals for E.802 Annex: minimum required of samples, statistical significance for benchmarking and quality trends evaluations and minimum required number of mobile agents     Ascom (Switzerland) Ltd.   Q12/12, Q11/12   2015-12-17
[ 286 ]  
Qualité de service des Réseau de Télécommunications en Guinée     Guinée (République de)   Q12/12   2015-12-09
[ 285 ]  
Proposed new Annex to Rec. E.802     Lesotho   Q12/12   2015-12-05
[ 284 ]  
QoS of GSM mobile networks in Burkina Faso     Burkina Faso   Q7/12, Q2/12, Q12/12, Q1/12   2015-11-12
[ 283 ]  
Operational aspects of telecommunication network quality of service     Democratic Republic of the Congo   Q12/12   2015-11-04
[ 276 ]  
Quality assessment of access networks     Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações - ANATEL   Q12/12   2015-04-22
[ 274 ]  
Quality measurement strategy in Major Events     Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações - ANATEL   Q12/12   2015-04-22
[ 266 ]  
Draft New Supplement: "Guidelines on Selection of Representative Samples"     Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA)   RG-AFR, Q12/12, Q1/12   2015-04-22
[ 231 ]  
Performance and quality of service of telecommunications     Ministère des Postes, Télécommunications et Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (PTNTIC), Congo   Q12/12, Q1/12   2014-08-22
[ 228 ]  
Evolution of Colombian regulation regarding Quality of Mobile Services and the need for further actions involving evaluation of user expectations     Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones (CRC)   Q12/12, Q1/12   2014-08-20
[ 217 ]  
Point of Interconnection (POI), a parameter of Network Performance, QOS & QOE-An approach to reduce traffic congestion at POI.     India , Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Law and J   Q12/12   2014-08-20
[ 87 ]  
Proposed modifications to draft "Guidelines on Regulatory Aspects of QoS"     Ghana   RG-AFR/12, Q12/12, Q1/12   2013-11-11
Results:22 total items.
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