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ITU-T SG17  TD (2004-07-19) 


Data Networks and Telecommunication Software

Study Period 2001

WP C/17

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2004-10-01  [ WP C/17 ]  2004-03-10  2003-09-10  2002-11-20  2002-02-27 

Results:7 total items.
Temporary Documents  (WPC)  [ AI/Question: QM/17 ]   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 3273-WPC ]  
ASN.1 encoding and communication of signals between SDL systems     SDL Task Force   QN/17, QM/17   2004-09-10
[ 3272-WPC ]  
Comments on ASN.1 module defined in ITU-T Rec. Q.754     Q.M/17 Rapporteur Group   QM/17   2004-08-23
[ 3271-WPC ]  
Liaison statement from SC 29/WG 11 to ITU-T SG 17 on ASN.1 (29 N 6187) (WG11/N6555)     ISO/IEC   QM/17   2004-08-09
[ 3247-WPC ]  
Status report on ITU-T formal language databases     SG 17 Co-Chairman   QR/17, QQ/17, QP/17, QO/17, QN/17, QM/17   2004-07-16
[ 3245-WPC ]  
Report on the SAM'04 Workshop     Rapporteur Q.O/17   QR/17, QQ/17, QP/17, QO/17, QN/17, QM/17   2004-07-14
[ 3242-WPC ]  
Liaison to SG17 in response to AVD-2424 (COM 17-LS36-E) LS response on Formal Languages     Q.F,G,2-5/16 Rapporteur Groups   QQ/17, QP/17, QO/17, QN/17, QM/17   2004-06-16
[ 3238-WPC ]  
The possible need for a data architecture, GTDD and methodology     ITU-T SG 4   QR/17, QQ/17, QP/17, QO/17, QN/17, QM/17   2004-06-10
Results:7 total items.
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