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ITU-SG PP  TD (2010-10-04) 



Meeting  from 2010-10-04 to 2010-10-22

held in Mexico [Guadalajara]

Other Meetings : [ 2010-10-04 ] 

Results:21 total items.
Temporary Documents  [ Source: WGPL ]   Documents / Contributions
Title Source Destination Date
[ 61-GEN ]  
Draft New Resolution - ITU role in organizing the work on technical aspects of telecommunication networks to support Internet     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 59-GEN ]  
Draft new Resolution - Facilitating the transition from IPv4 to IPv6     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 58-GEN ]  
Draft new resolution - ITU's role in child online protection     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 57-GEN ]  
Resolution 133 - Role of administrations of Member States in the management of internationalized (multilingual) domain names     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 56-GEN ]  
Resolution 101 - Internet Protocol-based networks     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 55-GEN ]  
Proposals to amend Resolution 130 (Rev. Antalya 2006)     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 54-GEN ]  
Draft New Resolution - Definitions and terminology relating to building confidence and security in the use of information and communication technologies     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 53-GEN ]  
Resolution 102 - ITU's role with regard to international public policy issues pertaining to the Internet and the management of Internet resources, including domain names and addresses     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-18
[ 51-GEN ]  
Note by the Chairman of the ad hoc group on bridging the standardization gap     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-17
[ 49-GEN ]  
Note by the Chairman of the drafting group on human exposure to electromagnetic fields     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-17
[ 48-GEN ]  
Draft Resolution 64 - Non-Discriminatory access to modern telecommunication/information and communication technology facilities and services and related applications, including applied research and transfer of technology     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-17
[ 46-GEN ]  
Note by the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Group on Climate Change     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-17
[ 41-GEN ]  
Result of Ad hoc Group on WSIS+10 - Draft New Resolution: Overall review of Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-16
[ 36-GEN ]  
Merge contributions for Resolution 139 [ACP/122/50 and ARB/16/52] - Telecommunications/Information and communication technologies to bridge the digital divide and build an inclusive information society     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-14
[ 35-GEN ]  
Proposals for Resolution 140 reflecting the proposals submitted to PP-10     Ad hoc WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-14
[ 32-GEN ]  
Merged proposals [KOR/56/2 & ARB/16/48]- for revision of Resolution 131 - Information and Communication Technology index and community connectivity indicators     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-14
[ 31-GEN ]  
Consolidated proposal of merged contributions for Resolution 137 [ACP/12/49 & ARB/16/51], Next-Generation Network deployment in developing countries     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-14
[ 29-GEN ]  
Draft Revised Resolution 135 (Guadalajara, 2010) - ITU's role in the development of telecommunications/information and communication technologies, in providing technical assistance and advice to developing countries, and in implementing relevant national, regional and interregional projects     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-14
[ 27-GEN ]  
Ad hoc group of WGPL - Draft new Resoluition - Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology Accessibility for persons with disabilities, including age-related disabilities     AH Group of WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-13
[ 14-GEN ]  
Tentative timetable for WGPL Sessions     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-11
[ 10-GEN ]  
Working Methods of Working Group of the Plenary     WGPL   WGPL   2010-10-11
Results:21 total items.
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