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ITU-T SG 20  C (2019-11-25) 


IoT and smart cities

Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2019-11-25 to 2019-12-06

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2019-04-09  2018-12-03  2018-05-06  2018-01-24  2017-09-04  2017-03-13 

Results:16 total items.
Contributions  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 627 ]  
IoT Deployment in Heterogeneous IPV4 and IPV6 Network Environments  
Not yet uploaded
Central African Rep.   Q3/20   2019-10-15
[ 626 ]  
IoT Deployment in Heterogeneous IPV4 and IPV6 Network Environments  
To be verified by TSB
Central African Rep.   Q3/20   2019-10-15
[ 625 ]  
Renforcement de la sécurité des objets via les objets connectés  
Not yet uploaded
Autorité Nationale de Régulation des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (ANRTIC) (Comoros)   QALL/20   2019-10-09
[ 624 ]  
L'impact de l'IoT sur l'avenir de l'Afrique  
Not yet uploaded
Ministère des Postes, des Télécommunications et de l'Economie Numérique (Guinea)   Q4/20, Q2/20   2019-10-09
[ 623 ]  
The technological innovations behind the 5G revolution and its impact on IoT     Benin   QALL/20, Q6/20, Q2/20, Q1/20   2019-10-07
[ 622 ]  
Proposal to create a new Question on data processing and management to support IoT and smart cities & communities     China Unicom , Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea (Rep. of)) , Institut Mines-Télécom (France) , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) (Korea (Rep. of)) , United Arab Emirates , ZTE Corporation (China)   QALL/20   2019-09-29
[ 621 ]  
Analysis and applications of Internet of Things and smart cities based on telecommunications and security - UTN Resistencia Regional Faculty     Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina)   QALL/20   2019-09-16
[ 620 ]  
Report on the public consultation on machine-to-machine communications and smart metering     Argentina   QALL/20   2019-09-16
[ 619 ]  
Report on the allocation of shared frequency bands     Argentina   QALL/20   2019-09-16
[ 618 ]  
IoT Project at San Nicolás Regional Faculty, UTN     Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina)   QALL/20   2019-09-16
[ 617 ]  
Development of applications for smart cities at the National University of La Plata     Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina)   QALL/20   2019-09-16
[ 616 ]  
Pilot Project on the development of IoT research and development centres     Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina)   QALL/20   2019-09-16
[ 615 ]  
A proposal for a new work item on "Feasibility of Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) in IoT"     Egypt , Niger , Nigeria   Q6/20   2019-09-16
[ 614 ]  
Proposal to add updates to the Initial Output Text for New Draft Recommendation of "Requirements and reference architecture of smart education" TD1281     Egypt , Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) , Uganda , Zimbabwe   Q4/20   2019-09-16
[ 613 ]  
Proposed Additional Text to "Draft Supplement ITU-T Y.Sup-IoT-Eco-Plan "Framework for Internet of things ecosystem master plan", output of Q2/20 meeting, Geneva, 9-18 April 2019"     Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)   Q2/20   2019-09-16
[ 612 ]  
Recommendations to support services and incipient IoT applications     Instituto Especializado de Estudios Superiores Loyola (Dominican Rep.)   Q2/20   2019-07-26
Results:16 total items.
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