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ITU-T SG 17  ALL (2021-08-24) 



Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2021-08-24 to 2021-09-03

held in E-Meeting

Collective Letters  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 12 ]  
Virtual meeting of Study Group 17, 24 August - 3 September 2021     ITU-T SG17     2021-05-21

Contributions  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 1178 ]  
4th Revised baseline text for X.arc-ev: Functional requirements for a secured process to evaluate technical vulnerabilities     China Mobile Communications Co. Ltd.   Q4/17   2021-08-11
[ 1177 ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sgcc: Security Guidelines of Container in cloud computing environment (for Determination)     China Unicom   Q8/17   2021-08-11
[ 1176 ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sgBDIP: Security Guidelines for Big Data infrastructure and platform (for Determination)     China Unicom   Q8/17   2021-08-11
[ 1175 ]  
Proposal for new work item: In-vehicle intrusion detection system evaluation methodology     Beijing Qihu Keji Co., Ltd. (China) , China Telecommunications Corporation   Q13/17   2021-08-11
[ 1174 ]  
Proposal for new work item: Guideline for zero trust based access control platform in telecommunication network     China Mobile Communications Co. Ltd. , China Unicom   Q2/17   2021-08-11
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Temporary Documents  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 4114-PLEN ]  
LS/i on agreement on maintenance process for UAF 1.2 and CTAP 2.1 adoption as ITU-T Recommendations in accordance with ITU-T A.25 [from FIDO Alliance]     FIDO Alliance   Q10/17   2021-09-02
[ 4113-PLEN ]  
A.13 justification information for xSTR-ekyc: "e-KYC use cases in digital financial services"     Rapporteur Q10/17   Q10/17   2021-09-01
[ 4112-PLEN ]  
A.13 justification information for xSTR-Auth: "Implementation of Secure Authentication Technologies for Digital Financial Services"     Rapporteur Q10/17   Q10/17   2021-09-01
[ 4111-PLEN ]  
Report of Informal e-Gathering of SG17RG-AFR, 30 August 2021     Chairman SG17RG-AFR   QALL/17   2021-09-01
[ 4110-PLEN ]  
LS/o/r on work progress of Y.SCid-fr "Requirements and converged framework of self-controlled identity based on blockchain" and new work item Y.ICN-DLT (reply to SG13-LS209) [to ITU-T SG13]     ITU-T Study Group 17   Q10/17   2021-09-01
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Reports  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 102 ]  
Determined new Recommendation ITU-T X.1812 (X.5Gsec-t): Security framework based on trust relationship for IMT-2020 ecosystem     ITU-T SG17   Q2/17   2021-09-07
[ 101 ]  
Determined new Recommendation ITU-T X.1752 (X.sgBDIP): Security guidelines for big data infrastructure and platform     ITU-T SG17   Q8/17   2021-09-07
[ 100 ]  
Determined new Recommendation ITU-T X.1643 (X.sgcc): Security Guidelines for container in cloud computing environment     ITU-T SG17   Q8/17   2021-09-07
[ 99 ]  
Determined new Recommendation ITU-T X.1453 (X.strvms): Security threats and requirements for video management systems     ITU-T SG17   Q6/17   2021-09-07
[ 98 ]  
Determined new Recommendation ITU-T X.1407 (X.srip-dlt): Security requirements for digital integrity proofing service based on distributed ledger technology     ITU-T SG17   Q14/17   2021-09-07
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