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ITU-T SG 17  ALL (2020-03-17) 



Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2020-03-17 to 2020-03-26

held in E-Meeting

Collective Letters  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 7 ]  
+Corr.1 +Add.1 
Meeting of ITU-T Study Group 17; Geneva, 17-26 March 2020     ITU-T SG17     2019-11-22

Contributions  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 861 ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sec_QKDN_tn: Security requirements for Quantum Key Distribution Networks-trusted node  
Late Contribution received on 9 March 2020
CAS Quantum Network Co., Ltd., QuantumCTek Co., Ltd.   Q4/17   2020-03-09
[ 860 ]  
Draft baseline text for X.ARC-EV: Security architecture for evaluation of technical vulnerabilities     China Mobile Communications Corporation   Q4/17   2020-03-04
[ 859 ]  
Revised baseline text for X.fdip: Framework of de-identification process for telecommunication service providers     United Kingdom   Q7/17   2020-03-04
[ 858 ]  
Revised baseline text for X.sec_QKDN_ov: Security framework for quantum key distribution networks     ID Quantique (Switzerland) , SK Telecom (Korea (Rep. of))   Q4/17   2020-03-04
[ 857 ]  
Revised baseline text for X-cf_QKDN: the use of cryptographic functions on a key generated in Quantum Key Distribution networks     ID Quantique (Switzerland) , SK Telecom (Korea (Rep. of))   Q4/17   2020-03-04
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Temporary Documents  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 2956-PLEN ]  
LS/i on OASIS Liaisons to SG17 [from OASIS]     OASIS   Q4/17, Q1/17   2020-03-26
[ 2955-PLEN ]  
Progress plan for Security manual     Editor   Q1/17   2020-03-26
[ 2954-PLEN ]  
4th Revised baseline text for X.tas: Telebiometric authentication using speaker recognition     Editor   Q9/17   2020-03-25
[ 2953-PLEN ]  
Latest information from TSB and the Korean Administration regarding Aug/Sept SG17 meeting     Chairman SG17   QALL/17   2020-03-25
[ 2952-PLEN ]  
Draft report of SG17 activities in implementation of WTDC-17 Resolutions     TSB   QALL/17, Q1/17   2020-03-24
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