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ITU-T SG 5  TD (2019-09-16) 


Environment, climate change and circular economy

Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2019-09-16 to 2019-09-20

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : [ 2019-09-16 ]  2019-05-13  2018-09-11  2018-05-21  2018-03-05  2017-11-13  2017-05-15 

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Temporary Documents  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 1171-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for Proposed new ITU-T Supplement on K.Sup.5G.EMC     Co-rapporteur Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-18
[ 1169-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on the definition of broadband access (SCV-LS24) [SCV] (reply to TD1050)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q8/5   2019-09-18
[ 1168-GEN ]  
A new description of QA/5 of WP1/5 for the next study period - Merge of Q1/5 and Q5/5     Rapporteur Q1/5 and Q5/5   Q5/5, Q1/5   2019-09-18
[ 1167-GEN ]  
Summary record of the Study Group Leadership Assembly, Budapest, 9-10 September 2019     TSB   QALL/5   2019-09-18
[ 1165-GEN ]  
Revision of K.114 "Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and measurement methods for digital cellular mobile communication base station equipment"     Co-rapporteur Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-18
[ 1164-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on work being carried out under study in ITU-T Q3/5 [to ITU-R WP1C and ITU-D SG2 Q7/2] (answer to TD1039 and TD1099)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q3/5   2019-09-18
[ 1163-GEN ]  
Q2/5 document editing tasks since the May SG 5 meeting     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-18
[ 1162-GEN ]  
Comments for LS/i TD1046 and TD1047     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-18
[ 1161-GEN ]  
Report of Q9/5 e-meeting held on 15 August 2019     Co-rapporteur Q9/5   Q9/5   2019-09-18
[ 1160-GEN ]  
September 2019 meeting updates to K.Eth Ethernet port resistibility testing for overvoltages and overcurrents     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-18
[ 1159-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on new draft Recommendation ITU-T L.EE_frame "Energy efficiency framework" (SG5-LS108) [from ETSI ATTM AT2]     ETSI ATTM AT2   Q6/5   2019-09-18
[ 1158-GEN ]  
Resolution of Nokia C601-R1 comments made on Recommendation ITU-T K.20     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-18
[ 1157-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for Proposed new ITU-T Recommendation on draft Recommendation ITU-T K.subway     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-09-17
[ 1156-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for Proposed new ITU-T Recommendation on Revision of draft Recommendation ITU-T K.83     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-09-17
[ 1155-GEN ]  
Resolution of AAP NTT comments made on draft Recommendation ITU-T K.45 - Additional review text     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-17
[ 1154-GEN ]  
Resolution of AAP NTT comments made on draft Recommendation ITU-T K.44 - Additional review text     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-17
[ 1153-GEN ]  
For Consent : Updated draft text of L.MAAP     Editor   Q9/5   2019-09-17
[ 1152-GEN ]  
Future of Q6/5     Chairman WP2/5   Q6/5   2019-09-17
[ 1151-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on EMC Standards and Limits - Further cooperation on reducing EMI and RF noise to (ITU-R WP1A-Document 1A/TEMP/198 , ITU-R WP1A-Document 1A/TEMP/175) [ITU-R WP1A] (reply to TD1043 and TD1044)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q4/5   2019-09-17
[ 1150-GEN ]  
2nd draft of draft Recommendation ITU-T K.pim Passive intermodulation test methods of array antenna systems in mobile communication systems     Co-rapporteurs Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-17
[ 1149-GEN ]  
Revision of K.34 "Classification of electromagnetic environmental conditions for telecommunication equipment - Basic EMC Recommendation"     Co-rapporteurs Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-17
[ 1148-GEN ]  
Revision of Q4/5 description     Co-rapporteurs Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-17
[ 1147-GEN ]  
Revision of K.136 "Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for radio telecommunication equipment"     Co-rapporteurs Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-17
[ 1146-GEN ]  
Revision of K.137 "Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and measurement methods for wireline telecommunication network equipment"     Co-rapporteurs Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-17
[ 1145-GEN ]  
Revision of K.123 "Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for electrical equipment in telecommunication facilities"     Co-rapporteurs Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-17
[ 1144-GEN ]  
K.spdsafe: draft of "Guidance on safety relating to the use of surge protective devices and surge protective components in telecommunication terminal equipment" for consent.     Editor   Q2/5   2019-09-17
[ 1143-GEN ]  
Draft New ITU-T Supplement "EMF strength inside subway train"     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-09-17
[ 1142-GEN ]  
Draft new ITU-T Recommendation K.workers     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-09-17
[ 1141-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for proposed new ITU-T Recommendation in the work programme: K.5G-Lightning     Rapporteur Q1/5   Q1/5   2019-09-17
[ 1140-GEN ]  
The revision of Recommendation ITU-T K.40 "Protection against lightning electromagnetic impulses in telecommunications centres" - for consent     Rapporteur Q1/5   Q1/5   2019-09-17
[ 1139-GEN ]  
Communiqué of the TSB Director CTO Meeting held on 8 September 2019 in Budapest, Hungary     TSB   QALL/5   2019-09-17
[ 1138-GEN ]  
Additional review text of draft Recommendation ITU-T L.1022     Associate rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2019-09-17
[ 1137-GEN ]  
Proposed a new work item on draft Recommendation ITU-T K.pids "Protection of the indoor signal distribution system in smart buildings"     Rapporteur Q1/5   Q1/5   2019-09-17
[ 1136-GEN ]  
Recommendation ITU-T K.vss "Lightning protection and earthing of video surveillance system" for consent     Editor and Rapporteur Q1/5   Q1/5   2019-09-17
[ 1135-GEN ]  
Revisions of the ITU-T K.Suppl.14     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-09-16
[ 1134-GEN ]  
Revisions of the ITU-T Recommendation K.91     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-09-16
[ 1132-GEN ]  
Last draft Recommendation ITU-T L.SE_BS "Smart energy solution for telecom site" for consent     Editor   Q6/5   2019-09-16
[ 1131-GEN ]  
"EMC test method guide for integrated or combined equipment with radio function module"     Co-rapporteur Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-16
[ 1130-GEN ]  
Application information on draft Recommendation ITU-T K.PLC.EMC "Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and measurement methods for outdoor equipment using power line communication technology"     Co-rapporteur Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-09-16
[ 1129-GEN ]  
Report of Q6/5 e-meeting held on 27 August 2019     Associate rapporteur Q6/5   Q6/5   2019-09-16
[ 1128-GEN ]  
Q9/5 progress report     Co-rapporteurs Q9/5   Q9/5   2019-09-16
[ 1127-GEN ]  
Intermediate Draft text of L.trajectories with detailed comments to be resolved     Co-rapporteur Q9/5   Q9/5   2019-09-15
[ 1126-GEN ]  
Presentation on WP2/5 Chairman remarks     Chairman WP2/5   Q9/5, Q7/5, Q6/5   2019-09-15
[ 1125-GEN ]  
K.appl6 Surge protective component application guide - Self-restoring thermally activated current limiters     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-15
[ 1124-GEN ]  
Revised outline document for K.appmspd     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-09-15
[ 1123-GEN ]  
Recommendation ITU-T L.DCIM "Specifications of data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) system based on Big Data and AI technology" for consent     Editor   Q6/5   2019-09-15
[ 1122-GEN ]  
Baseline draft Recommendation L.EE_frame     Editor   Q6/5   2019-09-15
[ 1121-GEN ]  
Final draft Recommendation L.5G_powering for consent     Editor   Q6/5   2019-09-15
[ 1120-GEN ]  
Proposed SG5 structure and Terms of reference of WP2/5 Questions     ITU-T SG5 Management Team   QALL/5, Q9/5, Q7/5, Q6/5   2019-09-13
[ 1119-GEN ]  
Proposed SG5 structure     ITU-T SG5 Management Team   QALL/5   2019-09-13
Results:145 total items.
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