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ITU-T SG 5  TD (2019-05-13) 


Environment, climate change and circular economy

Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2019-05-13 to 2019-05-22

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2019-09-16  [ 2019-05-13 ]  2018-09-11  2018-05-21  2018-03-05  2017-11-13  2017-05-15 

Results:239 total items.
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Temporary Documents  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 1023-GEN ]  
Q2/5 meeting contribution actions or results (Posted after SG5 Closing Plenary)     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-22
[ 1022-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on Baseline Document: Adequate Assessment and Sensitisation on Counterfeit ICT products and their environmental Impact (L- counterfeit) [to SG11]     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q7/5   2019-05-21
[ 1021-GEN ]  
List of IPR information received for ITU-T SG5 Recommendations (October 2018-May 2019)     TSB   QALL/5   2019-05-21
[ 1020-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on call for focal points to ITU-T CASC and candidates ITU-T Recommendations for joint ITU/IEC certification scheme (reply to SG11-LS93) [to ITU-T SG11] (answer to TD872)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5, Q2/5   2019-05-21
[ 1019-GEN ]  
Draft revised Recommendation ITU-T K.20 for consent     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-21
[ 1018-GEN ]  
Draft revised Recommendation ITU-T K.45 for consent     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-21
[ 1017-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on creation, participation and termination of Regional Groups (reply to TSAG-LS18) [to TSAG] (reply to TD834)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1016-GEN ]  
Draft revised Recommendation ITU-T K.44 for consent     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-20
[ 1015-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Invitation to update the information in the IMT2020 roadmap (reply to JCA-IMT2020-LS05) [to JCA-IMT2020] (answer to TD821)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1014-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on Study group 5 activity on energy, circular economy and climate change [to ETNO ETF, ETNO SD WG]     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q9/5, Q7/5, Q6/5   2019-05-20
[ 1013-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on the application of IEC 61000-4-5 Ed.3 [to IEC SC77B/MT12]     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q4/5   2019-05-20
[ 1012-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on the new version of the Home Network Transport (HNT) Standards Overview and Work Plan (reply to SG15-LS141) [to ITU-T SG15] (reply to TD817)     ITU-T Study Group 15   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1011-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on FG DLT deliverables for review and comments [to FG DLT] (reply to TD892)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1010-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on consent of Recommendation ITU-T L.GAL2 Interface for power management in NFV environments "Green Abstraction Layer 2" (reply to SG13-LS87) [to ITU-T SG13] (reply to TD 823)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q6/5   2019-05-20
[ 1009-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on Meaningful group titles [to TSAG, All ITU-T SGs]     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1008-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Telecommunication Management and OAM Project Plan (reply to SG2-LS86) [to ITU-T SG2] (reply to TD865)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1007-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new L.SES     Editor   Q6/5   2019-05-20
[ 1006-GEN ]  
Revised Recommendation ITU-T K.21 for SG5 Closing Plenary     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-20
[ 1005-GEN ]  
Information on the activity of the World Health Organization     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-05-20
[ 1004-GEN ]  
Notes for applying IEC 61000-4-5 Ed.3     Co-rapporteur Q4/5   Q4/5   2019-05-20
[ 1003-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on ITU inter-Sector coordination (reply to TSAG-LS13) [to TSAG] (reply to TD830)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1002-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on "Request to update the IoT and SC&C Standards Roadmap and the list of contact points" (reply to JCA-IoTandSC&C-JCA-IoTandSC&C-O-57 -E) [to JCA-IoT and SC&C] (answer to TD841)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5   2019-05-20
[ 1001-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on work being carried out under study in ITU-T Q3/5 (reply to LS ITU-DQ7/2-SG2RGQ/090, ITU-DQ7/2-SG2RGQ/091, ITU-D-SG02-C226, ITU-D SG02-C238) [to ITU-D and ITU-R] (reply to TD818, TD819, TD825, TD890, TD895 and TD896)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q4/5, Q3/5   2019-05-20
[ 1000-GEN ]  
L.SES on "Use of ICT sites to support environmental sensing": output text submitted for consent to ITU-T SG5     Editor   Q6/5   2019-05-20
[ 999-GEN ]  
C494 Draft Supplement "Test conditions and methods information"     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-20
[ 998-GEN ]  
First draft of Recommendation ITU-T L.DCIM "Specifications of data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) system based on Big Data and AI technology"     Rapporteur Q6/5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 997-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on New Recommendation Y.cvms, "Considerations for Realizing Virtual Measurement Systems (reply to SG12-LS73) [to ITU-T SG12] (reply to TD829)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 996-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Energy efficiency and powering solutions for 5G (reply to CCSA-LS5) [to CCSA] (reply to TD 913)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 995-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on research and studies on e-waste management and circular economy [to CEDARE]     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q7/5   2019-05-19
[ 994-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r Energy Efficiency on 5G (reply to 3GPP TSG SA5-S5-191344) [to 3GPP TSG SA5] (reply to TD 860)     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 993-GEN ]  
Improvement on draft Recommendation L.5G_powering     Rapporteur Q6/5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 992-GEN ]  
Baseline document for the Sustainable Management of Batteries L.SM_Batteries     Rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2019-05-19
[ 991-GEN ]  
C495 justified Draft Supplement "Causes of telecommunication system overvoltage and overcurrent conditions and their expected levels"     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-19
[ 990-GEN ]  
K.spdsafe: sixth draft of "Guidance on safety relating to the use of surge protective devices and surge protective components in telecommunication terminal equipment"     Editor   Q2/5   2019-05-19
[ 989-GEN ]  
Figures in Recommendation ITU-T K.44 10/2018     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-19
[ 988-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on terms and definitions harmonization - dependability (reply to SG13-LS84) [to ITU-T SG13 and SCV]     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5, Q8/5   2019-05-19
[ 987-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on SCV activity in SG2 (reply to SG2-LS101) [to ITU-T SG2] (reply to TD869)     ITU-T Study Group 5   QALL/5, Q8/5   2019-05-19
[ 986-GEN ]  
05-2019 status of K.Eth Ethernet port resistibility testing for overvoltages and overcurrents     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-19
[ 985-GEN ]  
05-2019 status of Kappl6 Surge protective component application guide - Self-restoring thermally activated current limiters     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-19
[ 984-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on new draft Recommendation L.EE_frame "Energy efficiency framework" [to ETSI TB EE WG EEPS]     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 983-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on new draft Recommendation ITU-T L.EE_frame "Energy efficiency framework" [to ETSI TB ATTM WG ATTM AT2]     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 982-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on new draft Recommendation ITU-T L.EE_frame "Energy efficiency framework" [to ATIS STEP TEE]     ITU-T Study Group 5   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 981-GEN ]  
L.EE_frame Baseline document     Editor   Q6/5   2019-05-19
[ 980-GEN ]  
Revised K.77 Characteristics of metal oxide varistors for the protection of telecommunication installations for approval     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-19
[ 979-GEN ]  
Final draft of Kappl5 surge protective component application guide - Fuses for consent     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2019-05-19
[ 978-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for new work item proposal on methodologies for evaluating the functionality and performance of power supply unit configured for servers     Rapporteur Q6/5   Q6/5   2019-05-18
[ 977-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for Revision of ITU-T L.1331 (Geneva, 13-22 May 2019)     Rapporteur Q6/5   Q6/5   2019-05-18
[ 976-GEN ]  
Draft ITU-T Technical Report KSTR.EMF_assess: "Case studies of RF-EMF assessments"     Rapporteur Q3/5   Q3/5   2019-05-18
[ 975-GEN ]  
Proposed new base line text. L.1000 rev - Universal power adapter and charger solution for mobile terminals and other hand-held ICT devices - for consent     Editor   Q7/5   2019-05-18
[ 974-GEN ]  
Draft Recommendation ITU-T L.1015 (ex L.CEM) " Criteria for evaluation of the environmental impact of mobile phones" submitted for approval to SG5 and Resolution comment table post AR comments     Chairman SG5   Q7/5   2019-05-18
Results:239 total items.
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