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UIT-T SG 2  TD-GEN (2019-12-04) 


Operational aspects

Période d'études 2017

Réunion  du 2019-12-04 au 2019-12-13

Lieu : Suisse [Genève]

Autres réunions : [ 2019-12-04 ]  2019-02-19  2018-07-04  2017-11-27  2017-03-29 

Resultats:243 documents
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Documents Temporaires  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Titre Source AI/Question
[ 962-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on ITU inter-Sector coordination (Reply to TSAG-LS22R1) [to TSAG]     Chairman, WP2/2   QALL/2   2019-12-13
[ 961-GEN ]  
LS/o on revised Question ITU-R 101-5/5 [to ITU-R SG5, ITU-T SG12]     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   QALL/2   2019-12-13
[ 960-GEN ]  
LS/o on SCV activity in SG2 [to SCV/CCV, ITU-T SG9, SG12, SG13, SG15, SG16, SG17, SG20]     SCV Rapporteur   QALL/2   2019-12-12
[ 959-GEN ]  
Report on Terms&Definitions and Vocabulary activity in SG2     Vocabulary Rapporteur   QALL/2   2019-12-12
[ 958-GEN ]  
LS/o on Telecommunication Management and OAM Project Plan [to All ITU-T SGs and TSAG]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-12
[ 957-GEN ]  
Telecommunications management and OAM project plan     Chairman, WP2/2   Q7/2, Q6/2, Q5/2   2019-12-12
[ 956-GEN ]  
Report of TM&OAM Project Plan meeting     Associate Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-12
[ 955-GEN ]  
LS/o on Accessibility Contributions made to Study 2 regarding Relay and other access via numbering [to ITU-T SG16, ITU-D SG1, JCA-AHF]     Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q1/2   2019-12-12
[ 954-GEN ]  
Report of ad-hoc on allocating Global resources for M2M/Iot     Chairman, ad-hoc on allocating Global resources fo   Q1/2   2019-12-12
[ 953-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on status of work in ITU-T SG2 on work of SG2 Work Item on IOT Numbering Addressing and Identification (reply to FG NET2030-LS2) [to FG2030]     Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q1/2   2019-12-12
[ 952-GEN ]  
A.13 Justification for TR on analysis of F.930     Rapporteur, Q1/2   QALL/2   2019-12-12
[ 951-GEN ]  
Proposal for enhancement of Draft M.tsm-gim: Generic information model for on-site telecommunication smart maintenance     Editor   Q7/2   2019-12-12
[ 950-GEN ]  
Revised text for Question 5/2     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-12
[ 949-GEN ]  
LS/o on ITU-T 3 Liaison statement on Alternative Calling Procedures [to ITU-T SG3]     Rapporteur, Q3/2   Q3/2   2019-12-12
[ 948-GEN ]  
Agenda for ad-hoc on allocating Global resources for M2M/Iot     Chairman, NCT   Q1/2   2019-12-12
[ 947-GEN ]  
Revise draft text for ITU-T E.dit: "Deemed impermissible traffic"     Rapporteur, Q3/2   Q3/2   2019-12-12
[ 946-GEN ]  
LS/o on ITU-T identification of location of emergency services [to ITU-T SG16]     Rapporteur, Q3/2   Q3/2   2019-12-12
[ 945-GEN ]  
Report for 1/2 and 5/2 joint session on Telecom anti-Fraud     Rapporteur, Q5/2 , Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q5/2, Q1/2   2019-12-12
[ 944-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for proposed draft new Recommendation ITU-T e.ENUMINF, "Differentiating between ENUM and Infrastructure ENUM"     Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q1/2   2019-12-11
[ 943-GEN ]  
A.13 justification for proposed draft new technical report, "Guidance for the Director TSB on the requirements for electronic access to a repository of numbering resources"     Rapporteur, Q1/2   QALL/2   2019-12-11
[ 942-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on Enhancements of Cell-Broadcast based Public Warning Service over 3GPP Systems (reply to 3GPP TSG SA-SP-190946) [to 3GPP TSG SA]     Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q1/2   2019-12-11
[ 941-GEN ]  
Technical Report on Guidelines for effective and efficient national numbering resources administration     Editor, TR.EENM   Q1/2   2019-12-11
[ 940-GEN ]  
LS/o on GSMA EID Definition - Version 0.1 (GSMA-LS24)" [to GSMA]     Convenors of the ad hoc meeting on revision of Rec   Q1/2   2019-12-11
[ 939-GEN ]  
Report of Ad-hoc session on revision of Recommendation E.118     Co-editors, E.118   Q1/2   2019-12-11
[ 938-GEN ]  
Report on Activities required to prepare for WTSA20     Chair Ad-hoc on Activities required to prepare for WTSA20   QALL/2   2019-12-11
[ 937-GEN ]  
Report on ad-hoc on streamlining resolutions     Chair Ad-hoc on streamlining resolutions   QALL/2   2019-12-11
[ 936-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on methodology harmonization and REST-based network management framework (reply to 3GPP TSG SA5-S5-197541) [to ITU-T 3GPP SA5]     Rapporteur, Q7/2   Q7/2   2019-12-11
[ 935-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on questionnaire on evaluation of market needs for joint ITU/IEC TL recognition procedure and certification schemes on ITU-T Recommendations (reply to SG11-LS122) [to ITU-T SG11]     Chairman WP2/2   Q7/2   2019-12-11
[ 934-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on call for focal points to ITU-T CASC and candidates ITU-T Recommendations for joint ITU/IEC certification scheme (reply to SG11-LS93, SG11-LS118) [to ITU-T SG11]     Chairman WP2/2   Q7/2   2019-12-11
[ 933-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on ITU-T SG2 draft Recommendation E.dit (OTT Bypass) (reply to SG3-LS71) [to ITU-T SG3]     Rapporteur, Q3/2   Q3/2   2019-12-11
[ 932-GEN ]  
Current base text for document on OTT numbering     Co-Editors, TR.OTTnum and E.sup.OTTnum   Q1/2   2019-12-11
[ 931-GEN ]  
Presentation slides: Athalos Roadmap 2019 (Geneva, 10 December 2019)     Rapporteur, Q1/2   QALL/2   2019-12-11
[ 930-GEN ]  
A.13 justification for new TR.INCCBS "Implementation of Network Colour Codes in the Border Sites"     Rapporteur, Q3/2   Q3/2   2019-12-11
[ 929-GEN ]  
A.13 justification for new work item in SG2 titled: " Definitions for Telecom and Telecom Interconnection"     Rapporteur, Q3/2   Q3/2   2019-12-11
[ 928-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on new work item "Cloud Computing - Requirements of edge cloud management" (Y.ccecm) (reply to SG13-LS121) [to ITU-T SG13]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 927-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on new work item on requirements and information model for management of blockchain system (reply to FG DLT-LS16, FG DLT-LS17, SG5-LS105, TSAG-LS24, SG13-LS113) [to ITU-T SG20, SG5, SG13, TSAG, ISO/TC 307, IEEE Standards Association]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 926-GEN ]  
LS/o Initialization of new work item about "Requirements for energy saving management of 5G RAN system with AI"( M.resm-AI) [to ITU-T SG5, ITU-R 5D]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 925-GEN ]  
Withdrawn LS/o on new work item on Requirements for management of applications over cloud and broadband ecosystems (M.rmacbe) [to ITU-T SG13]  
Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 924-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on SG2 Q5 considerations about two new work items in SG13 (reply to SG13-LS100) [to ITU-T SG13]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 923-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on requirements for QoE management of video in visual surveillance(reply to SG16-LS122) [to ITU-T SG16]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 922-GEN ]  
LS/o/r Request on QoE indicators and progress work of Video Quality Management of Surveillance Service (reply to SG12-LS87) [to ITU-T SG12]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 921-GEN ]  
LS/o/r M.3363(ex. M.rdm)" Requirements for Data Management in the TMN" has been consented (reply to FG-DPM-LS29,25) [ to ITU-T SG20]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 920-GEN ]  
LS/o/r M.3362(ex. M.rtafm)"Requirements for Telecommunication anti-Fraud Management in the TMN" is determined (reply to SG17-LS206,207) [to ITU-T SG17]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 919-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on invitation to review Artificial Intelligence Standardization Roadmap and provide missing or updated information (reply to SG13-LS118) [to ITU-T SG13, FG-ML5G]     Rapporteur, Q5/2; Rapporteur, Q6/2   Q6/2, Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 918-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on Invitation to update the information in the IMT2020 roadmap (reply to JCA-IMT2020-LS27) [to JCA-IMT2020]     Rapporteur, Q5/2; Rapporteur, Q6/2   Q6/2, Q5/2   2019-12-11
[ 917-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on M.somm and Joint Correspondence Group of SG2 and SG13 on IMT-2020 network management issues (reply to SG13-LS99) [to ITU-T SG13]     Rapporteur, Q6/2   Q6/2   2019-12-11
[ 916-GEN ]  
LS/o on Technical Report on Guidelines for Effective and Efficient National Numbering Resources Administration [to ITU-D]     Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q1/2   2019-12-11
[ 915-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on methodology harmonization and REST-based network management framework (reply to SG2-LS104) [from 3GPP TSG-SA5]     3GPP TSG-SA5   Q7/2   2019-12-11
[ 914-GEN ]  
Proposal to determine Annex A of Recommendation ITU-T E.218     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   Q1/2   2019-12-10
[ 913-GEN ]  
Agenda for streamlining Resolutions ad-hoc     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   QALL/2   2019-12-10
Resultats:243 documents
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