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ITU-T SG 2  TD-GEN (2018-07-04) 


Operational aspects

Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2018-07-04 to 2018-07-13

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2019-12-04  2019-02-19  [ 2018-07-04 ]  2017-11-27  2017-03-29 

Results:173 total items.
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Temporary Documents  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 498-GEN ]  
Presentation on Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")     ITU Legal Affairs Unit   QALL/2   2018-07-13
[ 497-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on "Hot Topics"     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   QALL/2   2018-07-13
[ 496-GEN ]  
LS/o on Terms of reference CITS and appointment of SG2 Vice-Chair to the Collaboration on ITS communication standards     Rapporteur, CITS   QALL/2   2018-07-12
[ 495-GEN ]  
Draft revised ITU-T E.169.1 for determination     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   Q1/2   2018-07-12
[ 494-GEN ]  
LS/o About TM OAM PP related to SG20 work items (Y.IoT-rmc and Y.SCC-Reqts) [to SG20]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2018-07-12
[ 493-GEN ]  
LS/o on SCV activity in SG2 [to SCV/CCV]     Rapporteur, SCV   QALL/2   2018-07-12
[ 492-GEN ]  
LS/o on Telecommunication Management and OAM Project Plan [to All ITU-T SGs and TSAG]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2018-07-12
[ 491-GEN ]  
Telecommunications management and OAM project plan     Chairman, WP2/2   Q5/2   2018-07-12
[ 490-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on Feedback to LS/i on Invitation to update the information in the IMT2020 roadmap [to JCA-IMT2020]     Rapporteur, Q6/2   Q6/2   2018-07-12
[ 489-GEN ]  
LS/o on Feedback to Draft Recommendation of Y.amc [to SG13]     Rapporteur, Q6/2   Q6/2   2018-07-12
[ 488-GEN ]  
LS/o on progress of M.somm: framework of smart operations, management and maintenance [to SG13, ETSI, TM Forum]     Rapporteur, Q6/2   Q6/2   2018-07-12
[ 487-GEN ]  
Proposal on revised Recommendation ITU-T E.118     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   Q1/2   2018-07-12
[ 486-GEN ]  
LS/o to ITU-D Q6/1 on Numbering Issues     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   Q1/2   2018-07-12
[ 485-GEN ]  
LS/r on the standardization work on disaster management for disaster relief systems [reply to APT ASTAP - ASTAP-30/OUT-21]     Editor, E.sup.fdr   Q3/2   2018-07-11
[ 484-GEN ]  
LS/o on E.sup.fdr "Framework of disaster management for disaster relief systems" [to SCV, CCV, ITU-R SG5 and ITU-D SG2 Q5]     Editor, E.sup.fdr   Q3/2   2018-07-11
[ 483-GEN ]  
LS/o on "Terms and definitions for disaster relief systems, network resilience and recovery" [to SCV, CCV, ITU-R SG5 and ITU-D SG2 Q5]     Editor,   Q3/2   2018-07-11
[ 482-GEN ]  
Report of the Ad hoc meeting on the Technical Report on IoT Identification     Convenor of the Ad hoc on the Technical Report on IoT Identification schemes   Q1/2   2018-07-11
[ 480-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on matching of ITU-D SG1 and SG2 Questions of interest to ITU-T Study Groups [to ITU-D SG1 and ITU-D SG2] (Reply to ITU-D SG 2 - C102 -E)     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   QALL/2   2018-07-11
[ 479-GEN ]  
LS/o on Approval of Joint Correspondence Group of SG2 and SG13 on IMT-2020 network management issues [to ITU-T SG2, SG13]     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   QALL/2   2018-07-11
[ 478-GEN ]  
LS/o on Information sought on Colour Codes     Chairman, ITU-T SG2   Q1/2   2018-07-11
[ 477-GEN ]  
Report for 1/2 and 5/2 joint session on Telecom anti-Fraud     Rapporteurs Q1/2, 5/2   Q5/2, Q1/2   2018-07-11
[ 476-GEN ]  
Read out of Ad-hoc session on Revision of E.118     Co-editors E.118   Q1/2   2018-07-11
[ 475-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on Methodology harmonization [to 3GPP SA5] (Reply to "3GPP TSG SA5 - Tdoc S5-176437 -E" and "3GPP TSG SA5 - Tdoc S5-181375 -E")     Rapporteur, Q7/2   Q7/2   2018-07-11
[ 474-GEN ]  
LS/o on cooperation on REST-based network management framework (to 3GPP SA5)     Rapporteur, Q7/2   Q7/2   2018-07-11
[ 473-GEN ]  
The proposal to create a new work item on "Management requirements for cloud and network synergy"     Editors of M.mrcns   Q5/2   2018-07-11
[ 472-GEN ]  
Agenda for TMN PP & SCV     Associated Rapporteur Q5, TM&OAM PP Rapporteur, SCV Rapporteur   Q7/2, Q6/2, Q5/2   2018-07-11
[ 471-GEN ]  
Support for note regarding 882/883 in the Operational Bulletin     Rapporteur   Q1/2   2018-07-11
[ 470-GEN ]  
Draft M.somm: "Framework of smart operation, management and maintenance"     Editor of M.somm   Q6/2   2018-07-11
[ 469-GEN ]  
Response from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG5 convenor on issues to be clarified as regards ISO/IEC Standard ISO/IEC 7812-1: 2017 (response to SG2-LS33)     Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q1/2   2018-07-11
[ 468-GEN ]  
Read out of Ad-hoc session on Annex G in E.212 concerning applications like MulteFire Alliance and from similar Scientific and Industrial Organisations (SIO) and Regional and Other International Organisations     Co-editors, E.212   Q1/2   2018-07-10
[ 467-GEN ]  
Draft revised Recommendation E.164.2     Rapporteur   Q1/2   2018-07-10
[ 466-GEN ]  
LS/o Work item about "Requirements for resource management in cloud-aware telecommunication management system" is consented [to ITU-T SG13]     Rapporteur, Q5/2   Q5/2   2018-07-10
[ 465-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on use of blockchain in international telecommunication numbering (reply to FG DLT-DLT-O-008)     Rapporteur, Q1/2   Q1/2   2018-07-10
[ 464-GEN ]  
Report of Ad-hoc on Recommendation ITU-T E.218     Convenor of Ad-hoc on Recommendation ITU-T E.218   Q1/2   2018-07-10
[ 463-GEN ]  
Output document of draft recommendation ITU-T M.tsm, "Principles for telecommunications smart maintenance"     Editor of M.tsm   Q6/2   2018-07-10
[ 462-GEN ]  
Output document of draft Recommendation ITU-T M.rdm, "Requirements for Data Management in the TMN"     Editor of M.rdm   Q5/2   2018-07-10
[ 461-GEN ]  
A.1 template for the proposed new Draft Recommendation on Identification of not Regulated Traffic     Rapporteur, Q3/2   Q3/2, Q1/2   2018-07-10
[ 460-GEN ]  
Draft M.3372 (ex. M.rrmctm) - Requirements for resource management in cloud-aware telecommunication management system (for consent)     Editors of M.3372 (ex. M.rrmctm)   Q5/2   2018-07-10
[ 459-GEN ]  
Baseline text for ad hoc meeting on Recommendation E.118 suggested during Q1/2 meeting     Editor, E.118   Q1/2   2018-07-10
[ 458-GEN ]  
LS/i on Clarifications to IETF Process related to individual drafts and requests for IANA allocation related to IPv6 addressing [from IETF]     IETF   Q1/2   2018-07-10
[ 457-GEN ]  
Agenda of the Ad-hoc on Recommendation ITU-T E.218     Convenor, Ad-hoc on Recommendation ITU-T E.218   Q1/2   2018-07-09
[ 456-GEN ]  
Draft M.tsm-gim: Generic information model for telecommunications smart maintenance     Editor of M.tsm-gim   Q7/2   2018-07-09
[ 455-GEN ]  
Draft recommendation ITU-T M.rvqms, Requirements for video quality management of surveillance service     Editor of   Q5/2   2018-07-09
[ 454-GEN ]  
Draft recommendation ITU-T M.rtsmf, Requirements for telecommunications smart maintenance management function     Editor of   Q5/2   2018-07-09
[ 453-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on ITU-T SG3 work related to IoT and M2M Roaming [from ITU-T SG2]     Q1/2, Rapporteur   Q1/2   2018-07-09
[ 452-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on ITU inter-Sector coordination: ITU-R Working Parties 1A, 1B, and 1C versus ITU-T Questions (reply to TSAG - LS11) [from ITU-R Study Group 1]     ITU-R Study Group 1   QALL/2   2018-07-09
[ 451-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on the terms and definitions database (reply to SG9-LS47) [from SCV]     Standardization Committee for Vocabulary   QALL/2   2018-07-09
[ 450-GEN ]  
LS/i on new terms and definitions in ITU-T SG20 work [from SCV]     Standardization Committee for Vocabulary   QALL/2   2018-07-09
[ 449-GEN ]  
LS/i on new ITU-T SG2 terms and definitions [from SCV]     Standardization Committee for Vocabulary   QALL/2, Q6/2, Q5/2   2018-07-09
[ 448-GEN ]  
Read out of Ad-hoc session on E.212 and MulteFire Alliance application     Co-editor, E.212   Q1/2   2018-07-09
Results:173 total items.
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