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ITU-T SG 13  TD (2015-04-20) 


Future networks including cloud computing, mobile and next-generation networks

Study Period 2013

Meeting  from 2015-04-20 to 2015-05-01

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2016-06-27  2016-04-29  2015-11-30  2015-07-23  [ 2015-04-20 ]  2014-11-21  2014-07-07  2014-02-28  2013-11-04  2013-06-28  2013-02-18 

Temporary Documents  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 256-GEN ]  
Newcomer information session material     ITU-T SG13 Mentor   QALL/13   2015-04-20
[ 255-GEN ]  
LS/i on Approval of a new work item on "L.green_mgm_DC" [from ITU-T SG5]     ITU-T SG5   Q16/13, Q11/13, Q1/13   2015-02-10
[ 254-GEN ]  
LS/i on new versions of the Access Network Transport (ANT) Standardization Overview and Work Plan [from ITU-T Study Group 15]     ITU-T Study Group 15   QALL/13   2015-01-27
[ 253-GEN ]  
LS/i on chronology for telecommunications, new areas for study under IMT, the development of the Roadmap on IMT and WTSA-12 Resolution 38 [from ITU-D Study Group 1 Question 2/1]     ITU-D SG 1 Q2/1   Q9/13, Q5/13, Q4/13, Q2/13, Q10/13   2015-01-27
[ 252-GEN ]  
LS/i on collaboration on cloud computing, big data, and its use for flight data     ITU-T FG AC   Q2/13, Q19/13, Q18/13, Q17/13   2015-01-27
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Temporary Documents  (PLEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 195-PLEN ]  
Establishment of new Focus Group on "IMT-2020"     SG13 Chairman   QALL/13   2015-05-01
[ 194-PLEN ]  
Outgoing Liaison Statements from WP1/13     Co-chairmen for WP 1/13 "NGN-e and IMT"   Q5/13, Q4/13, Q3/13, Q2/13, Q1/13   2015-04-30
[ 193-PLEN ]  
Draft report of WP1/13 (NGN-e and IMT)     WP1/13 Co-chairmen   Q5/13, Q4/13, Q3/13, Q2/13, Q1/13   2015-04-30
[ 192-PLEN ]  
Draft Recommendation ITU-T Y.2238 (formerly Y.ufn) "Overview of Smart Farming based on networks" - for consent     Editors   Q1/13   2015-04-30
[ 191-PLEN ]  
Draft report of the meeting of the adhoc group on "Review of the current Study Group 13 activities" held on 21st April and 28th April 2015, Geneva     Convener adhoc group   QALL/13   2015-04-30
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Temporary Documents  (WP1)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 365-WP1 ]  
Nomination of the ITU-T SG13 liaison officer to ISO/IEC JTC 1 WG10     Co-chairman, WP1   QALL/13   2015-04-30
[ 364-WP1 ]  
Meeting Report Q.3/13     Q3/13 acting Rapporteur   Q3/13   2015-04-29
[ 363-WP1 ]  
Meeting Report of Q 4/13 "Identification of evolving IMT systems and beyond"     Rapporteur Q 4/13   Q4/13   2015-04-28
[ 362-WP1 ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new Q.1741.9     Editors   Q4/13   2015-04-28
[ 361-WP1 ]  
Output version of draft Recommendation "The functional architecture and implementations of S-NICE (Software defined Network Intelligence Capability Enhancement)" (Y.S-NICE-arch)     Editors   Q3/13   2015-04-28
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Temporary Documents  (WP2)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 404-WP2 ]  
LS/o on Q17/13 description revision     WP2/13 Co-Chairman   Q17/13   2015-04-30
[ 403-WP2 ]  
Meeting report of Q10     Rapporteur   Q10/13   2015-04-30
[ 402-WP2 ]  
Proposed revision of Q19/13 Question Description     Rapporteur   Q19/13   2015-04-30
[ 401-WP2 ]  
Draft M.rcsm: Requirements for Service Management in Cloud-Integrated Telecom BSS/OSS     Editors   Q19/13, (JRG-CCM)   2015-04-30
[ 400-WP2 ]  
Draft Recommendation on Cloud computing - Trusted inter-cloud computing framework and requirements (Y.CCTIC)     Editor   Q19/13   2015-04-29
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Temporary Documents  (WP3)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 331-WP3 ]  
Report of Working Party 3/13 (SDN and Networks of Future)     Chairman, WP3/13   Q16/13, Q15/13, Q14/13, Q12/13, Q11/13   2015-04-30
[ 330-WP3 ]  
Report of Question 16/13 "Environmental and socio-economic sustainability in future networks and early realization of FN"     Rapporteur Q16/13   Q16/13   2015-04-29
[ 329-WP3 ]  
Proposal for creating a Correspondence Group on Trust (CG-Trust)     Rapporteur Q16/13   Q16/13   2015-04-29
[ 328-WP3 ]  
Living list - Future Trust ICT infrastructure     Rapporteur of Q16/13   Q16/13   2015-04-29
[ 327-WP3 ]  
Draft Recommendation Y.trusted-env "The basic principles of a trusted environment in ICT infrastructure" - output of Q.16/13 meeting, 20 April - 1 May 2015     Editor   Q16/13   2015-04-29
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