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UIT-T SG 11  TD-GEN (2016-06-27) 


Protocols and test specifications

Période d'études 2013

Réunion  du 2016-06-27 au 2016-07-06

Lieu : Suisse [Genève]

Autres réunions : [ 2016-06-27 ]  2016-04-29  2016-03-24  2015-12-02  2015-04-22  2014-11-21  2014-07-09  2014-02-21  2013-11-14  2013-11-07  2013-06-21  2013-02-25 

Resultats:293 documents
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Documents Temporaires  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Titre Source AI/Question
[ 1354-GEN ]  
LS/o on recent SDN-related developments in SG11: two consented Recommendations plus one new work item [to ITU-T SG13 and JCA-SDN]     Chairman WP2/11   Q6/11, Q5/11, Q4/11   2016-07-06
[ 1353-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on increasing efficiency of work in ITU-T (reply to RevCom LS2) [to RevCom, TSAG, All SGs]     ITU-T Study Group 11   QALL/11   2016-07-06
[ 1352-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on draft new ITU-T Q.4016 "SIP signalling between the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and SIP enabled devices for real-time fax over IP" (reply to SG16 - LS 233 -E contained in TD 1193] [to SG16]     ITU-T Study Group 11   Q11/11   2016-07-05
[ 1351-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on the update of Q8 work (reply to ITU-D Q8/2) [to ITU-D]     ITU-T SG11   Q8/11   2016-07-05
[ 1350-GEN ]  
Agenda for WP4/11 "Conformance and Interoperability (C&I) Testing" closing plenary meeting     Chairman WP4/11   Q15/11, Q14/11, Q13/11, Q12/11, Q11/11, Q10/11   2016-07-05
[ 1349-GEN ]  
LS/o on the position of SG11 on current and future activities of Q10/11 and Q15/11 [to TSAG]     ITU-T SG11   QALL/11   2016-07-05
[ 1348-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on new work item "A regulation framework of delivering of ICT services with the guaranteed QoS and requested bit rate on the fixed and mobile data networks" (reply to SG3 - LS 44 -E) [to ITU-T SG3, SG12 and TSAG]     ITU-T SG11   Q15/11   2016-07-05
[ 1347-GEN ]  
Progress report from JCA-CIT     Chairman JCA-CIT   QALL/11   2016-07-05
[ 1346-GEN ]  
Output - Technical Report on "Guidelines on Best Practice and Solutions for Combating Counterfeit ICT Devices"     Editor   Q8/11   2016-07-05
[ 1345-GEN ]  
Approval - Draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.3960 "Framework for Internet related performance measurements"     Chairman WP4/11   QALL/11   2016-07-05
[ 1344-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on ongoing collaboration (reply to ITU-D Q4/2 - SG2RGQ/180-E) [to ITU-D Q4/2]     ITU-T SG11   Q11/11   2016-07-05
[ 1343-GEN ]  
Output - Revised conformance testing standardization work plan for SIP IMS     Rapporteur Q11/11   Q2/11, Q11/11   2016-07-05
[ 1342-GEN ]  
New Q-series subgroup to be allocated to SDN Recommendations     TSB   QALL/11   2016-07-05
[ 1341-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new Q.IPv6ProMM     Editor   Q6/11   2016-07-05
[ 1340-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new Q.3229 (Q.nacp.M2)     Editors   Q7/11   2016-07-05
[ 1339-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new Q.3228 (Q.nacp.M1)     Editors   Q7/11   2016-07-05
[ 1338-GEN ]  
Draft Agenda for WP1/11 " Signalling requirements and protocol for emerging networks" closing plenary meeting     Chairman WP1/11   Q3/11, Q2/11, Q1/11   2016-07-05
[ 1337-GEN ]  
Output - ITU-T Q.FW_CCF "Framework for solution to combat counterfeit ICT Devices" (output from 27 June - 6 July SG11 meeting)     Editors   Q8/11   2016-07-05
[ 1336-GEN ]  
List of contact points to ITU-T CASC     TSB   CASC   2016-07-04
[ 1335-GEN ]  
Output - The living list of Recommendations and related specifications within key technologies suitable for C&I testing (6 July 2016)     Rapporteur Q11/11   Q11/11   2016-07-04
[ 1334-GEN ]  
Output - Draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.NEA-REQ, "Signalling requirements of NFV entity management for network attachment " (Geneva, 27 June - 6 July 2016)     Editors   Q7/11   2016-07-04
[ 1333-GEN ]  
Agenda for WP3/11 closing plenary meeting (5 July 2016)     Chairman WP3/11   Q9/11, Q8/11, Q7/11   2016-07-04
[ 1332-GEN ]  
Consent - Draft Recommendation Q.3231 (formerly Q.nacp.Ne), "Signalling Requirements and Protocol at the Ne interface between the transport location management physical entity and the network access configuration physical entity     Editor   Q7/11   2016-07-04
[ 1331-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on WTSA-16 preparations (reply to TSAG - LS 16 -E) [to TSAG]     ITU-T Study Group 11   QALL/11   2016-07-04
[ 1330-GEN ]  
Consent - Draft Recommendation Q.3229 (formerly Q.nacp.M2), "Signalling Requirements and Protocol at the M2 interface between the transport location management physical entity and the handover decision and control physical entity"     Editors   Q7/11   2016-07-04
[ 1329-GEN ]  
LS/o on proposed text for the revision of Recommendation A.12 [to TSAG]     Chairman SG11   QALL/11   2016-07-04
[ 1328-GEN ]  
Consent - Draft Recommendation Q.3228 (formerly Q.nacp.M1), "Signalling Requirements and Protocol at the M1 interface between the transport location management physical entity and the mobile location management physical entity (P)"     Editors   Q7/11   2016-07-04
[ 1327-GEN ]  
Output - Draft new Recommendation Q.SAN-MIM "Signalling requirements of SDN-based access networks with media independent management capabilities" (Geneva, 27 June-6 July 2016)     Editors of Q.SAN-MIM   Q7/11   2016-07-04
[ 1326-GEN ]  
Output - The list of pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recommendations (6 July 2016)     Rapporteur Q11/11   Q11/11   2016-07-04
[ 1325-GEN ]  
Consent - draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.3404 (ex.Q.IPv6ProMM) "Signalling requirements for NGN real-time multimedia services supporting IPv6 transition"     Editor   Q6/11   2016-07-04
[ 1324-GEN ]  
Output - draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.IPv6ProBB "IPv6 protocol procedures for broadband services"     Editor   Q6/11   2016-07-04
[ 1323-GEN ]  
Consent - draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.3712 (ex.Q.IPv6UIP) "Scenarios and signalling requirements of unified intelligent programmable interface for IPv6" (Geneva, 27 June-6 July 2016)     Acting Rapporteur Q6/11   Q6/11   2016-07-04
[ 1322-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on "Framework of interconnection of VoLTE/ViLTE-based networks" (reply to SG11-LS109) [to ITU-T SG2]     Rapporteur Q2/11   Q2/11   2016-07-04
[ 1321-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on revision of existing Recommendation ITU-T Q.1912.5 "Interworking between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Bearer Independent Call Control protocol or ISDN User Part" (reply to 3GPP CT WG3 - C3-161212 -E) [to 3GPP CT WG3]     Rapporteur Q2/11   Q2/11   2016-07-04
[ 1320-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new Q.4012.1 v.1_SI_ACR_Net_TS_Part1     Editor   Q11/11   2016-07-04
[ 1319-GEN ]  
Establishment of Study Group 11 Regional Group in the African Region     TSB   QALL/11   2016-07-04
[ 1318-GEN ]  
Consent - output draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.3920 (ex. Q.C&I_VOC) "Terms and definitions to be used in conformance and interoperability issues"     Editor   Q11/11   2016-07-04
[ 1317-GEN ]  
Withdrawn due to double posting     N/A     2016-07-04
[ 1316-GEN ]  
Output - draft new Recommendation Q.BNG-IAP "Signalling requirements of IP address pool based on broadband network gateway by SDN technologies"     Editors   Q5/11   2016-07-04
[ 1315-GEN ]  
Output - draft new Recommendation Q.BNG-DBOD "Signalling requirements for dynamic bandwidth adjustment on broadband network gateway implemented by SDN technologies"     Editors   Q5/11   2016-07-04
[ 1314-GEN ]  
Output - draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.Arc-IPSMS "Signalling architecture and requirements for IP based short message service over ITU-T defined NGN" (Geneva, 27 June-6 July 2016)     Editor   Q1/11   2016-07-04
[ 1313-GEN ]  
Consent - output of the draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.4016 "Testing specification of call establishment procedures based on SIP/SDP and H.248 for a real-time fax over IP service"     Editor   Q11/11   2016-07-04
[ 1312-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new Q.4016_FAX_req     Editor   Q11/11   2016-07-04
[ 1311-GEN ]  
Output - Draft revised Recommendation ITU-T Q.1912.5 "Interworking between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Bearer Independent Call Control protocol or ISDN User Part"     Editor   Q2/11   2016-07-04
[ 1310-GEN ]  
LS/o on Joint IEC/ITU certification on ITU-T K.116 [ITU-T SG5, IECEE]     ITU-T SG11   CASC   2016-07-04
[ 1309-GEN ]  
LS/o on information on recent activities of the ITU-T CASC [to TSAG]     ITU-T SG11   CASC   2016-07-04
[ 1308-GEN ]  
LS/o on joint IEC/ITU certification on ITU-T P.1140 [to ITU-T SG12, IECEE, UNECE, EEC]     ITU-T SG11   CASC   2016-07-04
[ 1307-GEN ]  
LS/o on outcomes of the second ITU-T CASC meeting [to all ITU-T SGs]     ITU-T SG11   CASC   2016-07-04
[ 1306-GEN ]  
Report of the 2nd meeting of the ITU-T Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (CASC)     Chairman of ITU-T CASC   CASC   2016-07-04
[ 1305-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on cooperation with ITU-T SG20 (reply to SG20 - LS 32 -E) [to ITU-T SG20]     ITU-T SG11   Q8/11, Q12/11   2016-07-04
Resultats:293 documents
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