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UIT-T SG 11  TD-GEN (2013-06-21) 


Protocols and test specifications

Periodo de estudios 2013

Reunión  del 2013-06-21 al 2013-06-21

Lugar : Suiza [Ginebra]

Otras reuniones : 2016-06-27  2016-04-29  2016-03-24  2015-12-02  2015-04-22  2014-11-21  2014-07-09  2014-02-21  2013-11-14  2013-11-07  [ 2013-06-21 ]  2013-02-25 

Resultados :48 documentos
Documentos Temporales  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Título Origen AI/Cuestión
[ 188-GEN ]  
Report of the Meeting of Working Party 1/11 (Geneva 21 June 2013)     ITU-T Working Party 1/11   Q3/11, Q2/11, Q1/11   2013-06-27
[ 187-GEN ]  
Report of the Meeting of Working Party 2/11 (Geneva 21 June 2013)     ITU-T Working Party 2/11   Q6/11, Q5/11, Q4/11   2013-06-21
[ 186-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft revised Q.3303.3 v3 (ex Q.RwDiameter v3)     Rapporteur Q4   Q4/11   2013-06-21
[ 185-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft revised Q.3301.1 v3     Rapporteur Q4/11   Q4/11   2013-06-21
[ 184-GEN ]  
List of participants     TSB   QALL/11   2013-07-01
[ 183-GEN ]  
Report of Joint Question 4/11 and 6/11meeting (Geneva, 17-21 June 2013)     Rapporteur Q4/11 and acting Rapporteur Q6/11   Q6/11, Q4/11   2013-06-20
[ 182-GEN ]  
Report of Joint Meeting between Q4/11 and Q6/11 and Q14/13     Q4/11 and Q6/11 and Q14/13 Rapporteurs   Q6/11, Q4/11, Q14/13   2013-06-20
[ 181-GEN ]  
Consent - [Q.RwDiameter V3]: Draft Revised Q.3303.3 (Version.3): Resource control protocol no. 3 -Protocol at the interface between a Policy Decision Physical Entity (PD-PE) and a Policy Enforcement Physical Entity (PE-PE): Diameter Profile version 3     Editor   Q4/11   2013-06-20
[ 180-GEN ]  
Consent - Draft Revised Recommendation ITU-T Q.3301.1 v3: Resource control protocol No. 1, version 3 - Protocol at the Rs interface between service control entities and the policy decision physical entity: Diameter Profile     Editor   Q4/11   2013-06-20
[ 179-GEN ]  
Output - draft Supplement Q.Supplement-SDN "Framework of signalling for SDN"     Editors   Q4/11   2013-06-20
[ 178-GEN ]  
Reserved     N/A (no se aplica)     2013-06-20
[ 177-GEN ]  
LS/o on information about ITU-T Draft Recommendation "Scenarios and signalling requirements for software-defined BAN (SBAN)"     Rapporteur Q4/11   Q4/11   2013-06-20
[ 176-GEN ]  
Output of Draft Recommendation Q.SBAN "Scenarios and signalling requirements for software-defined BAN (SBAN)"     Editors   Q4/11   2013-06-20
[ 175-GEN ]  
Report of Question 2/11 meeting (Geneva, 17 - 21 June 2013)     Associate rapporteur Q2/11   Q2/11   2013-06-20
[ 174-GEN ]  
Output - Draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.OIP/OIR     EDITOR   Q2/11   2013-06-20
[ 173-GEN ]  
Approval - draft Supplement 63 to Q-series [ex TRQ.ets-protocol] "Signalling Protocol Mappings in Support of Emergency Telecommunications Service in IP Networks"     Editor   Q3/11   2013-06-20
[ 172-GEN ]  
[TRQ.ETS-overview] Output baseline text of draft revised Supplement TRQ.ETS-overview (Supp.62) to ITU-T Q series Recommendations "Overview of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and Other Organizations' Work on Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS)"     Editor   Q3/11   2013-06-20
[ 171-GEN ]  
Report of Q3/11     Rapporteur Q3/11   Q3/11   2013-06-20
[ 170-GEN ]  
Report of Question 5/11 interim rapporteur meeting (Geneva,17 June-21 June 2013)     Rapporteur Q5/11   Q5/11   2013-06-20
[ 169-GEN ]  
Output - draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.SBNG "Signalling requirements for flexible network service combination on BNG (Broadband Network Gateway)"     Editor   Q5/11   2013-06-20
[ 168-GEN ]  
Draft Recommendation Q.CSO     Editors   Q4/11   2013-06-19
[ 167-GEN ]  
Output - draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.DSNSA "Signalling Architecture for the Control Plane of Distributed Service Networking     Editors   Q1/11   2013-06-19
[ 166-GEN ]  
Report of Question 1/11 Interim Rapporteur meeting (Geneva, 17-21 June 2013)     Rapporteur Q1/11   Q1/11   2013-06-19
[ 165-GEN ]  
LS/i on broadcasting terms and definitions [from CCV]     CCV   QALL/11   2013-06-13
[ 164-GEN ]  
ITU Kaleidoscope 2013 - Papers relevant to SG11     TSB   QALL/11   2013-06-04
[ 163-GEN ]  
LS/i on continuation of JCA-AHF with revised ToR [from ITU-T SG2]     ITU-T SG2   QALL/11   2013-06-03
[ 162-GEN ]  
LS/i/r to the request to fill a) living list of technologies suitable for testing and b) list of possible pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recommendations (reply to COM 11-LS 10, LS12 R1 and LS 13) [from JCA-CIT]     JCA-CIT   QALL/11   2013-06-03
[ 161-GEN ]  
LS/i on list of official liaison officers of ITU-T SGs in JCA-CIT [from JCA-CIT]     JCA-CIT   QALL/11   2013-05-31
[ 160-GEN ]  
LS/i on ITU-T study group responsibilities in WTSA Resolution 67 (Rev. Dubai, 2012) [from SCV]     SCV   QALL/11   2013-05-27
[ 159-GEN ]  
LS/i on publication of GSMA requirements for networks and terminals for the usage of the 'HD voice' logo with GSM/UMTS/LTE, CDMA2000 or DECT [from GSMA]     GSMA TSG   QALL/17   2013-05-21
[ 158-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on collaboration on e-health, considering WTSA-12 Resolution78 (reply to COM16-LS19) [from ITU-T SG17]     ITU-T SG17   QALL/11   2013-05-16
[ 157-GEN ]  
LS/i on nomination of JCA-AHF representatives [from JCA-AHF]     JCA-AHF   QALL/11   2013-05-16
[ 156-GEN ]  
LSI on establishment of correspondence group on verification process for cryptographic protocols     ITU-T SG17   QALL/11   2013-05-06
[ 155-GEN ]  
LSI on alignment of testing work between SG17 and SG11 to TSAG     ITU-T SG17   QALL/11   2013-05-06
[ 154-GEN ]  
LSIR on SG13 liaison on draft Y.FNsdn-fm (reply to COM13-LS20)     ITU-T SG17   Q6/11, Q5/11, Q4/11, Q11/11   2013-05-03
[ 153-GEN ]  
LSI on request to provide security contacts     ITU-T SG17   QALL/11   2013-05-03
[ 152-GEN ]  
LSI on Continuation of JCA-COP with revised ToR from ITU-T to TSAG     ITU-T SG17   QALL/11   2013-05-03
[ 151-GEN ]  
LSI on continuation of JCA-IdM with revised ToR to from ITU-T SG17 to TSAG     ITU-T SG17   QALL/17   2013-05-03
[ 150-GEN ]  
Draft meeting plan (time schedule), 17-28 June 2013     TSB   Q6/11, Q5/11, Q4/11, Q3/11, Q2/11, Q1/11   2013-05-01
[ 149-GEN ]  
Draft Agenda: WPs 1, 2/11 Plenary meetings (Geneva, 21 June 2013)     TSB   Q6/11, Q5/11, Q4/11, Q3/11, Q2/11, Q1/11   2013-05-01
[ 148-GEN ]  
LSIR on request to all Study Groups to update the reference table of ITU-T Recommendations to be tested for conformity/interoperability, parameters and available test suites from ITU-T SG12 (SG12 - LS 8 -E)     ITU-T SG12   QALL/11   2013-04-24
[ 147-GEN ]  
LSIR on Handbook on network performance testing and monitoring for guarantee required QoS for NGN services from ITU-T SG12 (SG12 - LS 9 -E)     ITU-T SG12   QALL/11   2013-04-24
[ 146-GEN ]  
LSIR on request to fill a) living list of technologies suitable for testing and b) list of possible pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recommendations from ITU-T SG12 (SG12 - LS 7 -E)     ITU-T SG12   QALL/11   2013-04-24
[ 145-GEN ]  
LSI on Status report of the Focus Group on Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery from FG-DR&NRR (FG-DR&NRR-O-26-E)     FG-DR&NRR   QALL/11   2013-04-24
[ 144-GEN ]  
LSI on Appointment of a new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T from IETF IAB     IETF IAB   QALL/11   2013-04-24
[ 143-GEN ]  
LSIR to JCA-COP on its formation and invitation to nominate representatives from ITU-T study groups, to participate in the work of JCA-COP in the future from ITU-T SG2 management team (COM 2 - LS 21R1 -E)     ITU-T Study Group 2 management team   QALL/11   2013-04-24
[ 142-GEN ]  
LSI on Invitation to contribute to the cloud computing roadmap population from JCA-Cloud (JCA-Cloud - LS 15 -E)     JCA-Cloud   QALL/11   2013-04-24
[ 141-GEN ]  
LSI on Plans for implementation of Resolution 77 and recommendations to TSAG from ITU-T SG13 (COM 13 - LS 10 -E)     ITU-T SG13   Q6/11, Q5/11, Q4/11   2013-04-24
Resultados :48 documentos
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