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UIT-T SG 5  TD (2015-10-12) 


Environnement et changement climatique

Période d'études 2013

Réunion  du 2015-10-12 au 2015-10-23

Lieu : Suisse [Genève]

Autres réunions : 2017-11-20  2017-05-15  2016-10-10  2016-04-20  [ 2015-10-12 ]  2014-12-08  2014-07-23  2014-05-19  2013-12-02  2013-01-29 

Resultats:335 documents
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Documents Temporaires  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Titre Source AI/Question
[ 1289-GEN ]  
Report of SG5 RG-AFR meeting (Geneva, 21 October 2015)     SG5 RG-AFR   QALL/5   2015-10-23
[ 1288-GEN ]  
Update draft of Supplement on Circular economy (Circular Economy in Information and Communication Technology; Definition of approaches, concepts and metrics)     Editor   Q13/5   2015-10-23
[ 1287-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on approval of SG11 Guidelines on "Testing Laboratories recognition procedure" (ex. Q.TL-rec-pro) and first meeting of ITU-T CASC (reply to SG11-LS83R1) [to SG11]     Chairman SG5   QALL/5   2015-10-23
[ 1286-GEN ]  
Draft Supplement on Green Public ICT Procurement - For agreement     Rapporteur Q13/5   Q13/5   2015-10-23
[ 1285-GEN ]  
Results of the meeting of Study Group 5 (Geneva, 12-23 October 2015) - Posted after SG5 Plenary     TSB   QALL/5   2015-10-23
[ 1284-GEN ]  
Draft Report of Working Party 2/5 (Geneva, 19-23 October 2015)     Chairman WP2/5   Q9/5, Q8/5, Q7/5, Q6/5, Q11/5, Q10/5   2015-10-22
[ 1283-GEN ]  
Draft Report of Working Party 1/5 (Geneva, 19-23 October 2015)     Chairman WP1/5   Q5/5, Q4/5, Q3/5, Q2/5   2015-10-22
[ 1282-GEN ]  
Results of Connect 2020 Q18/5 Q17/5 Q13/5 session held on 15 October 2015     Rapporteur Q18/5   Q18/5   2015-10-22
[ 1281-GEN ]  
Draft Report of Working Party 3/5 (Geneva, 12-23 October 2015) (TD posted after the SG5 closing plenary)     Chairman WP3/5   Q20/5, Q19/5, Q18/5, Q17/5, Q16/5, Q15/5, Q14/5, Q13/5   2015-10-22
[ 1280-GEN ]  
A.5 justification information for draft new L.assDC     Rapporteur Q17/5   Q17/5   2015-10-22
[ 1279-GEN ]  
K.44 2nd Amendment edits     Rapporteur Q4/5, Q2/5   Q4/5, Q2/5   2015-10-22
[ 1278-GEN ]  
Proposal for a new work item on Supplement on "Green public ICT procurement"     Rapporteur Q13/5   Q13/5   2015-10-22
[ 1277-GEN ]  
Proposal for a new work item on Extended Producers' Responsibility for Sustainable E-waste management     Rapporteur Q13/5   Q13/5   2015-10-22
[ 1276-GEN ]  
NARDA presentation     Rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2015-10-22
[ 1275-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for proposed draft new Recommendation ITU-T K.psp     Rapporteur Q5/5   Q5/5, Q4/5   2015-10-22
[ 1274-GEN ]  
Supplement: ITU-T K.20, K.21, K.45 and K.82 - Additional criteria to protect telecommunication cabling during a power cross event     Rapporteur Q2/5   Q2/5   2015-10-22
[ 1273-GEN ]  
Draft Recommendation ITU-T K.ldt - For consent     Associate Rapporteur Q5/5   Q5/5   2015-10-21
[ 1272-GEN ]  
Draft Recommendation ITU-T K.tot - For consent     Rapporteur Q5/5   Q5/5   2015-10-21
[ 1271-GEN ]  
Supplemental information for Contribution C0596     Rapporteur Q5/5   Q5/5, Q3/5   2015-10-21
[ 1270-GEN ]  
Baseline document for new draft Recommendation ITU-T L.ICT and adaptation of agriculture     Editors   Q15/5   2015-10-21
[ 1269-GEN ]  
LS/o/r evaluating the leakage and impact of radio frequency noise from telecommunication systems using metallic conductors (reply to ITU-R WP 5B - 5B/TEMP/399-E) [to ITU-R WP1 AND AWP 5B]     Rapporteurs Q6/5 and Q8/5   Q6/5   2015-10-21
[ 1268-GEN ]  
A.1 justification for proposed draft new Recommendation ITU-T K.light     Rapporteur Q9/5   Q9/5   2015-10-21
[ 1267-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on comments to the WHO Monograph "Radio Frequency fields: Environmental Health Criteria, Chapter 2: "Sources, measurements and exposures" and Chapter 3: "Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Inside The Body" [to WHO]     Rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2015-10-21
[ 1266-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on comments to the ICNIRP documents [to ICNIRP]     Rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2015-10-21
[ 1265-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on ITU-D Q8/2 work for the 2014-1017 Study Period [to ITU-D SG2]     Chairman SG5   Q13/5   2015-10-21
[ 1264-GEN ]  
Latest draft of L.renewable resulting of Q19/5 and ETSI EE2 joint work     Rapporteur Q19/5   Q19/5   2015-10-21
[ 1263-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on ITU-T SG5 comments and points of clarifications on Draft Recommendation L.1002 [reply to IEC TC 100 TA14 - 100/AGM(Secr.)/1248] (to IEC TC 100)     Chairman SG5   QALL/5   2015-10-21
[ 1262-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on inviting FAO and World Bank to provide information to Question 15/5 "ICTs and adaptation to the effects of climate change" with respect to work item: Recommendation ITU-T L.ICT and adaptation of agriculture     Rapporteur Q15/5   Q15/5   2015-10-21
[ 1261-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on Invitation to update the information in the cloud computing standards roadmap [reply to SG13-LS92] (to ITU-T SG13)     Chairman SG5   QALL/5   2015-10-21
[ 1260-GEN ]  
The second draft of k.bwenv "Electromagnetic (EM) environment of body worn equipment in the 2.4 GHz and 13.56MHz ISM band"     Rapporteur Q11/5   Q11/5   2015-10-21
[ 1259-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on material on ITU inter-Sector coordination of mutual interest (reply to TSAG-LS10) [to TSAG]     Chairman SG5   QALL/5   2015-10-21
[ 1258-GEN ]  
Proposal for new Work Item Supplement on Best practices for Infrastructure Adaptation     Associate Rapporteurs Q15/5   Q15/5   2015-10-21
[ 1257-GEN ]  
The revision of the new draft of k.ntt "Protection of surrounding structures of telecommunication towers against lightning"- For consent     Rapporteur Q5/5   Q5/5   2015-10-21
[ 1256-GEN ]  
Supplement 2 to ITU-T Recommendation K.91 - Electromagnetic field (EMF) considerations in smart sustainable cities     Rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2015-10-21
[ 1255-GEN ]  
Draft Supplement to ITU-T L.1600 series on Standardization gap analysis for smart water management - For agreement     Rapporteur Q18/5   Q18/5, Q15/5   2015-10-21
[ 1254-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on Information about work that is being carried out within Work under study in ITU-T Q7/5 [to ITU-R and ITU-D]     Rapporteur Q7/5   Q7/5   2015-10-21
[ 1253-GEN ]  
Draft Proposed Ethernet test method in K.44     Rapporteur Q4/5   Q4/5   2015-10-21
[ 1252-GEN ]  
Updated draft Supplement to ITU-T L.1500: Overview of climate change effects and possible impacts     Editors   Q15/5   2015-10-21
[ 1251-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on EMC standards for telecommunication network equipment (reply to CISPR/I/495/INF) [to IEC/CISPR/SCI]     Rapporteur Q9/5   Q9/5   2015-10-21
[ 1250-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on Hyperlinks to new ITU Recommendations with Ethernet application testing [to IEEE 802.3]     Chairman WP1/5   Q4/5   2015-10-21
[ 1249-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on Proposed study on safety of terminal equipment such as bridging by SPDs between the primary and external circuit [to IEC TC 108]     Chairman WP1/5   Q4/5   2015-10-21
[ 1248-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o/r on ITU-T study group responsibilities in WTSA Resolution 67 (Rev. Dubai, 2012) - Terms and Definitions harmonization (reply to SG2-LS98) [to ITU-T SG2]     Rapporteur Q12/5   Q12/5   2015-10-21
[ 1247-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on ITU-T SG5 Recommendation on up to 400VDC [to IEC SEG4]     Rapporteur Q19/5   Q19/5   2015-10-21
[ 1246-GEN ]  
Draft new Recommendation ITU-T K.hvps2: Method for determining the impedance to earth of earthing systems - For consent     Chairman WP1/5   Q3/5   2015-10-21
[ 1245-GEN ]  
Updated draft of L.std t&t in EE     Associate Rapporteur Q17/5   Q17/5   2015-10-20
[ 1244-GEN ]  
Draft revised Recommendation ITU-T K.67: Expected surges on telecommunication networks due to lightning - For consent     Editor   Q5/5   2015-10-20
[ 1243-GEN ]  
Draft new Recommendation ITU-T K.tup: Installation of telecommunication equipment on utility poles - For consent     Editor   Q3/5   2015-10-20
[ 1242-GEN ]  
Draft new Recommendation ITU-T K.jup: Joint use of poles by telecommunication and solidly earthed power lines - For consent     Editor   Q3/5   2015-10-20
[ 1241-GEN ]  
Final Report on the activities of the JCA on ICT and Climate Change     Chairman and Co-Chairman, JCA-ICT&CC   QALL/5   2015-10-20
[ 1240-GEN ]  
Draft LS/o on Announcement of closure of JCA ICT&CC [to TSAG; All ITU-T Study Groups]     Chairman SG5   QALL/5   2015-10-20
Resultats:335 documents
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