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ITU-T SG 2  ALL (2013-09-17) 


Operational aspects of service provision and telecommunications management

Study Period 2013

Meeting  from 2013-09-17 to 2013-09-26

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Collective Letters  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 2 ]  
Meeting of Study Group 2, Geneva, 17-26 September 2013     SG 2     2013-07-02

Contributions  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 37 ]  
International telecommunications and development in Africa (ITU Rec.) in the age of the information society and globalization     Burundi   Q4/2   2013-09-05
[ 36 ]  
Proposal to revise the ToR of the joint Correspondence Group proposed by Study Group 3 on Studying the economic Impact of call-back, refiling and inappropriate hubbing and other forms of alternative calling procedures, as well as origin non-identification or spoofing     Egypt   Q1/2   2013-09-05
[ 35 ]  
Proposal to revise ITU-T Recommendation E.157 based on the updated WTSA-12 Resolution 65 and article 3.6 of the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs)     Ghana   Q1/2   2013-09-05
[ 34 ]  
Proposed amendment to LS/o to ITU-T SG2 on Draft Terms of reference on Joint Rapporteur Group studying the Economic aspects of deploying IP addresses     Saudi Arabia   Q1/2   2013-09-04
[ 33 ]  
Overview of Cloud Computing Management     China Telecommunications Corporation   Q5/2   2013-09-04
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Temporary Documents  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 304-GEN ]  
LS/o on joint work with ETSI AFI on "Standardization of Network Resilience & Survivability, Recovery, and Autonomic Fault-Management in Evolving and Future Networks"     Chairman WP2/2   Q7/2, Q6/2, Q5/2   2013-09-26
[ 303-GEN ]  
LS/o on SG2, Lead Study Group on Service Definition, Numbering, and Routing; Lead Study Group for Telecommunication for Disaster Relief/Early Warning [to TSAG]     Chairman WP1/2   QALL/2   2013-09-26
[ 302-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on information on Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) (reply to FG-AVA-LS020R1) [to FG AVA]     Rapporteur Q4/2   Q4/2   2013-09-25
[ 301-GEN ]  
LS/o on publicizing character input methods for various ICT devices [to JCA-AHF]     Rapporteur Q4/2   Q4/2   2013-09-25
[ 300-GEN ]  
LS/o on Joint meeting between Q4/2 and Q21/16 including Q26/16 and FG AVA [to ITU-T SG16]     Rapporteur Q4/2   Q4/2   2013-09-25
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Reports  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 7 ]  
Report of Working Party 2/2, Geneva, 17-26 September 2013     SG 2   Q7/2, Q6/2, Q5/2   2013-11-29
[ 6 ]  
Determined Recommendation ITU-T E.161, Annex A - Arrangement of digits, Korean Character set and symbols     SG 2     2013-11-28
[ 5 ]  
Report of Working Party1/2, Geneva, 17-26 September 2013     SG 2   Q4/2, Q3/2, Q2/2, Q1/2   2013-11-29
[ 4 ]  
Report of the Study Group 2 Meeting, Geneva, 17-26 September 2013     N/A   QALL/2   2013-11-28

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