Page 11 - U4SSC Verification Report, Anyang, Korea (Republic of), November 2023
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4     City Performance Benchmark

                                                                     Wireless Broadband Coverage 4G
                                                                        Availability of WIFI in Public Areas
                                                                Household Internet Access Fixed Broadband Subscriptions Wireless Broadband Subscription Wireless Broadband Coverage 5G Water Supply ICT Monitoring

                                                                                 Drainage / Storm Water System ICT Monitoring
                                                                         Smart Water Meters
                                                                            Basic Water Supply
                                                                              Water Supply Loss
                                                                               Wastewater Collection
                                                                                Household Sanitation
                                                              Local Food Production
                                                            Transportation Fatalities
                                                          Violent Crime Rate
                                                         Fire Service
                                                      Police Service
                                                  Emergency Service Response Time
                                                  At Risk Population
                                                                                   Electricity Supply ICT Monitoring
                                                Resilience Plans
                                          Disaster Related Economic Losses
                                         Natural Disaster Related Deaths
                                         Child Care Availability
                                                                                    Demand Response Penetration
                                        Voter Participation
                                                                                     Electricity System Outage Frequency
                                                                  ICT        Potable Water Supply Smart Electricity Meters
                                      Gini Coefficient
                                  Gender Income Equity
                                 Housing Expenditure
                                                                     Water and Sanitation  Drainage  Electricity System Outage Time
                                Informal Settlements
                              Cultural Infrastructure
                                                              Food Security
                                                                                       Dynamic Public Transport Information
                             Cultural Expenditure
                                                                                      Access to Electricity
                           In-Patient Hospital Beds
                        Health Insurance Coverage
                                                Social Inclusion
                                                                         Electricity Supply  Traffic Monitoring
                         Maternal Mortality Rate
                            Life Expectancy
                                                                  Economy                     Environment     Society & Culture
                                         Health                                        Intersection Control
                      Electronic Health Records
                            Adult Literacy                                             Public Transit Network
                     Higher Education Degrees                                           Public Transit Network Convenience
                         School Enrollment  Education                                   Bicycle Network
                        Students ICT Access               Anyang              Transport  Private Vehicles
                Public Building Energy Consumption  Energy                              Public Transport
              Residential Thermal Energy Consumption  Public Space and Nature          Cycling
                       Electricity Consumption
                   Renewable Energy Consumption  Environmental Quality   Public Sector  Travel Time Index
                         Recreational Facilities
                                                                                       Para Transport
                             Protected Areas
                          Green Area Accessibility  Waste  Water and Sanitation  Employment  Innovation  Open Data
                                 Green Areas
                                                                                      Shared Bicycles
                               Exposure To Noise
                                  EMF Exposure
                                                                                     Shared Vehicles
                                   Waste: Recycled Waste: Burnt  Air Quality  Urban Planning  Buildings  Waste  Patents  e- Government
                                     Waste: Open Dump
                                                                                   Open Data %
                                      Waste: Incinerated
                                          Waste: Landfill
                                        WastewaterTreated: Tertiary Fresh Water Consumption Water Consumption Water Quality GHG Emissions  Air Quality O3   Air Quality SO2  Air Quality NO2  Air Quality PM10  Air Quality PM2.5 Urban Development and Spatial Planning  Public Building Sustainability  Youth Unemployment Rate
                                         WastewaterTreated: Secondary
                                                                                    Low-Carbon Emission Passenger Vehicles
                                            WastewaterTreated: Primary
                                                                                R&D expenditure
                                                                                 Public Sector e-Procurement
                                                                            Unemployment Rate
                                                                       Solid Waste Collection
                                                                             Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
                                                                        ICT Industry Employment
                                                                         Tourism Industry Employment
                                                                  Pedestrian Infrastructure
                                                                    Integrated Building Management Systems
            Note: Performance Benchmark Targets apply to all sections of the graphic. Starting from the centre: Dimensions, Categories
            and KPIs.
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