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available in their house. WGE! not only acts as a broker for the two parties, it also accompanies the
            process of renting or renting out, and takes care that everyone involved is satisfied.

            Promoting circularity

            Vision and content

            The project was launched to respond to three challenges facing the city:

            •  Rising rents (affordable and cosy housing is getting more and more difficult to access).

            •  Elderly people fear loneliness and isolation.
            •  In Vienna, like many other cities, vacant housing is increasing.

            The problem is that there is not a simple and systematic way to bring together the empty living space
            and the people looking for housing. WGE! changes the way we use our homes based upon a mutuality
            of needs of different generations: young people are moving into elderly people’s houses or into an
            empty room in a retirement home. Elderly people can reduce their housing costs, get someone to keep
            them company and give them a helping hand in managing the household. Young people are benefitting
            from low rents and the life experience of an elderly person.

                                                 Table 1: Data for Vienna

                                                     Data for Vienna:
              People over age 60 feel at risk of exclusion    30% 5
              Average money students live with                EUR 850 6
              Amount of students living in Vienna             200 000 7
              Average rental cost                             EUR 15.50 per m 2 8

            Affordable housing is one of the key factors at play when measuring a city’s competitiveness. Vienna
            considers itself to be a social city, and the requirement to take care of the needs of young and elderly
            people alike will be met by this project.

            WGE! connects older people and senior citizen residences with housemates. Mostly, this will be young
            people who provide time for joint activities and everyday support for a low-cost room.

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              2  Case study: Affordable housing and social inclusion, June 2020
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