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Not to be eclipsed by the eclipse, there's a lot happening in the world of information and communication technologies (ICTs) this week. We look into cybersecurity preparedness, a new Artificial Intelligence fund and ways that countries are tackling hate speech and extremism online. It's ITU News Weekly!


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Are you prepared for a cyberattack? Just weeks ago, hackers were able to hack an electronic voting booth in less than 90 minutes. ITU News interviewed an IBM expert to discuss how individuals and companies can prepare. We also learned about key steps the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is taking to tackle cybersecurity threats. And what are the dangers of using hackers to catch hackers?

ICT Trends

Artificial Intelligence: AI experts call on United Nations for immediate action against autonomous weapons. Meanwhile Andrew Ng, of, has announced he’s raising a $150M AI Fund and Microsoft is betting that AI can fly a plane. [In June, ITU hosted The AI for Good Global Summit to discuss the privacy, security and ethics of Artificial Intelligence.]

Space Stories: People who are visually impaired were able to experience yesterday's eclipse through a new app. Cassini is set to reveal more secrets from Saturn in its dying days. Japan’s successful satellite launch aims to help with GPS positioning. And it’s been 40 years since the Voyager Golden Record made its journey into space, how would you explain humanity today to aliens?


Tackling hate speech and extremism online: Technology and social media companies have responded to recent tensions in US by cracking down on hate speech online. Germany passed new laws on hate speech online earlier this year. The UK has increased sentences for online hate crimes to match in-person offences and Tech against Terrorism is working to fight global extremism online. Meanwhile, this tweet became Twitter's most-liked tweet ever.

Edtech in Emerging Markets: Armenia looks to education technologies (edtech) to equip students with 21st century skills and edtech in India is witnessing a wave of consolidation. [Earlier this year ITU News talked to Seedstars' Transforming Education Prize winner from Dubai to discuss edtech and youth education.] 



Gender equality: Girls In Tech CEO, Adriana Gascogne, discusses 10 years of fighting for gender equality in tech and what more needs to be done.

Are the walls closing in on tech?  Criticism over the companies' size, culture and overall influence are beginning to weigh heavy on the industry, David McCabe writes.

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