Janati Nakimera  

Janati Nakimera

Co-Founder and CEO Solar Net Metering, Uganda

Janati Nakimera is a steering committee member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Uganda Section, and a student pursuing a Master’s degree in power systems engineering of Makerere University, Kampala. Under the IEEE, she serves as treasurer and is also in charge of industrial relations in the ​Makerere University IEEE Student Branch. Her role is to enable students to get access to opportunities in the industry that can be of benefit to them.

Janati is also co-founder and CEO of Solar Net metering Uganda, a solar energy startup company for rural Uganda. The team led by herself has participated in the Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Conference (GSTIC) held in Brussels in the month of November 2018 where she was a youth speaker. Solar Net metering Uganda became an IEEE N3XT® Star at G-STIC 2018.

She is also a YALI network member and boasts of rich experience in leadership, women empowerment, and conflict resolution through mediation having attended the women in a leadership training course offered by Case Reserve Western University. She recognizes that as a scientist her role requires so much more than scientific knowledge and dedication to research and innovation. Therefore, cultivating soft skills is essential for career advancement.

Janati has also been invited and presented her work on, “Finite element analysis of a 1D Transmission tower cross arm” at the Power Genx conference (Genx PG Africa) held in March 2018 in South Africa. She was also invited to bring her experience in launching a company at the 13th edition of the International IEEE PES Power Tech Conference held at Politecnico di Milano University in Italy in June 2019. She also recently participated in the just concluded Power Africa 2019 event in Abuja, Nigeria in August 2019. 

Janati is an IEEE Volunteer in Leadership Training (VOLT) 2018 graduate. Janati is also active in local IEEE activities of the IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE R8 Young Professionals, and IEEE Women in Engineering. She embraces diversity and envisions a violence-free world where the majority of men and women are educated and can actively participate in building their communities in all sectors. Janati is Vice-Chair – Programs on the 2021 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee.