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 Tutorial Workshop on IPv6
 Geneva, 06 May 2002 Contact: 

CV's of speakers

LATIF LADID is President of the IPv6 Forum. With support from the Internet Engineering Task Force Next Generation (IETF NG), Ngtrans Working Groups and the IPv6 Deployment Initiative, Mr. Ladid pioneered the foundation of the IPv6 Forum in May 1999. He is also Chairman of the European Commission Ipv6 Task Force. In 1998, Mr. Ladid jointed Telebit Communications A/S as Vice President of Sales for Europe, East and Africa (EMEA). In June 1999, Ericsson acquired a major share in Telebit, creating Ericsson Telebit A/S. From 1996 to 1998; he served as Chairman of Global Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN). Mr. Ladid has worked in various managerial positions including Nixdorf Computers, Hewlett-Packard, and as International Sales Manager at ComputerLand Switzerland. From 1992 to 1998, he was with Canadian Internet and Internetworking specialist DEVELCON, where he served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Mr. Ladid is also a member of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) co-ordination group board.

BOSCO EDUARDO FERNANDES received his degree of Dipl. Ing in engineering in Munich, Germany and holds an Executive MBA. Mr. Fernandes has worked in various managerial and engineering positions in R&D of Circuit and Packet switching systems. He served as a responsible Manager for a number of GSM projects. He switched on the first GSM Network in the World and the first GSM Network out side of Europe. He chaired EU Research Mobile and Personal communications Domain in RACE (R&D in Advanced Communications-technologies in Europe) and ACTS (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services) for three years. Mr. Fernandes is a senior member of the IEEE communications society and a member of the International Telecommunications Academy of Russia (ITA). He was the only mandated chairman of the UMTS Task Force that preceded the creation of the UMTS Forum and won the UMTS Chairman’s Award 2000. He now chairs the Information Communications Technologies (ICT) [IT media] working group in the Forum. Mr. Fernandes is a member of the Technical Directorate of the IPv6 Forum and supports the close co-operation between the IPv6 Forum and UMTS Forum ICTG. He also chaired the Mobile Wireless Working Group in the recent IPv6 Task Force and is an ISOC member.

He is Vice President of International Affairs at Siemens.

JORDI PALET MARTÍNEZ has worked in Computers, networking and telecomm business for the last 20 years. His experience includes programming in several languages, open systems, electronic and microcomputer circuit design, consultancy and network design and implementation, among others.

Mr. Palet has held technical, marketing and product management managerial positions in several companies, and now the CEO/CTO of Consulintel, Madrid, a Spanish ISP.

He has been involved in the IPv6 Forum, as chair of the Education & Awareness Working Group, since the Forum foundation, and recently as member of the Tech Directorate.

Mr. Palet frequently writes articles, white papers, and presentations about most of the high-end technologies. Several specialised magazines and other media, in both, Spanish and English have published these documents.

He is a frequent lecturer and speaker in several Universities and events (Spain and Rest of the World), mainly on IPv6 and Next Generation Networks related issues (QoS, multicast, MIP, security, mobility etc.), including complete tutorials. In the last 3 years, he has presented over 60 times.

Mr. Palet is an active member of non-profit organisations for the dissemination of technologies and telecommunications/Internet. He is an active member of the European IPv6 Task Force, and he was a member of the Steering Committee at @asLAN, for several years, and then elected Vice-President and President. Mr. Palet is involvement in several R&D projects and was the designer of Euro6IX , main responsible of the proposal preparation and further negotiation with the EC, and indeed is the Scientific Project Co-ordinator.

LAURENT MONTINI, is a Consulting Engineer in the EMEA (European, Middle East and African markets) IP Core Team Consulting Team at Cisco Systems. In this team, he is in charge of the Wireless Mobile IP infrastructure designs and technologies. His team works closely with Cisco’s customers, partners and Cisco Engineering, ensuring that solutions, architectures and products meet or exceed customer requirements.

Mr. Montini joined Cisco in 1997, previously serving as Systems Engineer for Academic Community in France. He started in 1986 as Technical Manager, then as a Networking Product Manager before to work as Project Engineer for an International WAN deployment.

Mr. Montini holds a Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from University of Technology, Nice, France.

PATRICK COCQUET started his career with Dassault Electronique where he spent significant time in designing protocols for real-time systems. His previous position was Head of the Networks R&D at Thales Corporate level.

Mr. Cocquet founded 6WIND in July 2000 where he is now President & Chief Executive Officer. 6WIND addresses the market of new generation smart access and edge router, based on IPv4 and IPv6 standards. 6WINDGate products include all the new IP features including Security, QoS, Mobility, Multicast and the IPv4/v6 transition mechanisms.

He is Vice Chairman of the IPv6 Forum he founded in July 1999.

ERIC CARMÈS is 6WIND's co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. 6WIND, a French spin-off company from the Dassault / Thales (former Thomson-CSF) group, is the first one to market the 6WINDGate, a smart IPv4 and IPv6 router. As this equipment implements QoS, security, mobility management for the both versions of IP as well as all the different transition mechanisms, it brings an efficient solution for providing IPv4 to IPv6 service continuity. In Thomson-CSF, Eric Carmès was responsible for the development of the IPv6 technology now embedded in 6WIND's products. He is now in charge of the design of a new generation of IPv6 service and transition platforms.

RICHARD JIMMERSON is Director of Operations, American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). He joined ARIN in 1998 to manage its registration services department. Richard has been active in IPv6 registration and policy since 1999 when the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) began registering IPv6 address space. He works in close coordination with the RIRs, the ICANN Address Support Organization Address Council, the IETF, and the RIR policy communities to achieve globally consistent IPv6 registration policies.

Prior to his work with ARIN, Richard was Director of Information Systems for a large US based medical provider. He also served for several yearsin network engineering positions.

MIRJAM KÜHNE graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

She joined the RIPE NCC in 1995 as one of the first staff.

Prior to working for the RIPE NCC, Mirjam participated in various research projects involving expert systems and knowledge representation funded by the European Commission.

Since this time she developed and managed the RIPE NCC external services (Address Registration Services, Database, Communications) including customer relations and staff management.

Mirjam Kühne is now Director External Relations on a global level at the RIPE NCC. This includes bringing together the new and existing players in the industry, raising awareness of the issues relevant to Internet administration as well as promoting and maintaining collaboration between the Regional Internet Registries and the industry in general.


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