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Innovations in NGN – Future Network and Services
 An ITU-T Kaleidoscope Event, Geneva, 12 – 13 May 2008

Poster Session Papers

P01 – P11 
P01: A Carrier Grade Peer-to-Peer Network Architecture
Larry Ma (ZTE, US); Weiyong Zhu (ZTE, US)
[ Abstract ]
P02:  Bayesian Sensor Model for Indoor Localization in USN
Abdelmoula Bekkali (Waseda University, JP); Mitsuji Matsumoto (Waseda University, JP)
[ Abstract ]
P03:  Carrier Ethernet network control plane based on the Next Generation Network
Rong Fu (Denmark Technical University, DK); Yanmeng Wang (Cybercity a/s, DK); Michael Berger (Technical University of Denmark, DK)
[ Abstract ]
P04:  Generic Identifiers for ID/Locator Split Internetworking
Ved Kafle (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), JP); Kiyohide Nakauchi (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, JP); Masugi Inoue (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, JP)
[ Abstract ]
P05:  Mobile Multimedia Metropolitan Area Network
Phan Thanh Hoa (Ritsumeikan University, JP); Takahiko Yamada (Ritsumeikan University, JP)
[ Abstract ]
P06:  NGN and Internet: from coexistence to integration
Kenji Rikitake (NICT, JP); Koji Nakao (NICT, JP)
[ Abstract ]
P07:  NGN Test Strategy: Evaluating Next Generation Networks in a Realistic Environment
Mojtaba Yaghoubi Waskasi (Itel Co., IR); Mansour Mirzabaghi (Iran Telecommunication Research Center, IR); Yazdan Nasr Harandi (Iran Telecom Research Center (ITRC), IR); Abbas Iravani Tabrizipoor (Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC), IR); Mahmoud Pirhadi (Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran, IR)
[ Abstract ]
P08:  NGNs: Human-Aided and Privacy-Driven
Raphael Phan (Loughborough University, UK); Jean-Philippe Aumasson (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, CH)
[ Abstract ]
P09:  On NGN Architecture and Evolution Strategy
Huaxin Zeng (Southwest Jiaotong University, CN); Yu Gao (Southwest Jiatong University, CN); Yu Xia (Southwest Jiatong University, CN)
[ Abstract ]
P10:  Realizing Service Composition in the IP Multimedia Subsystem
Juan Miguel Espinosa Carlin (RWTH Aachen University, DE)
[ Abstract ]
P11:  Standardization for ubiquitous networking in IPv6-based NGN
Gyu Myoung Lee (NIST, US); Jun Kyun Choi (Information Communication University, KR); Taesoo Jeong (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI), KR); Doug Montgomery (NIST, US)
[ Abstract ]
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P12 – P22 
P12:  Standardization of Optical Packet Switching with Many-Wavelength Packets
Masataka Ohta (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP); Hiroaki Harai (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, JP); Toshio Morioka (NICT, JP)
[ Abstract ]
P13:  The Cache-and-Forward Network Architecture for Efficient Mobile Content Delivery Services in the Future Internet
Dipankar Raychaudhuri (Rutgers Univ., US); Roy Yates (Rutgers University, US); Sanjoy Paul (Rutgers University, US); Jim Kurose (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, US)
(Note: this paper was presented in Session 2 in the slot of paper S2.2.)
[ Abstract ]
P14:  Trust-by-Wire in Packet-switched Networks: Calling Line Identification Presentation for IP
Stephan Kubisch (University of Rostock, DE); Harald Widiger (University of Rostock, DE); Peter Danielis (University of Rostock, DE); Jens Schulz (University of Rostock, DE); Daniel Duchow (Nokia Siemens Networks, DE); Thomas Bahls (Nokia Siemens Networks, DE)
[ Abstract ]
P15:  Agro-Sense: Precision Agriculture using Sensor-based Wireless Mesh Networks
Somprakash Bandyopadhyay (Indian Institute of Management, IN); Anurag D (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, IN); Siuli Roy (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, IN)
[ Abstract ]
P16:  Lossy Utility based Outage Compensation in Next Generation Networks
M. Rubaiyat Kibria (The University of Sydney, AU); Abbas Jamalipour (University of Sydney, AU)
[ Abstract ]
P17:  New Media for New Paradigms
Peter Excell (University of Wales, UK)
[ Abstract ]
P18:  Quick transfer of media stream in FMC environment
Hiroshi Mineno (Shizuoka University, JP); Mizuki Yoshida (Shizuoka University, JP); Tadanori Mizuno (Shizuoka University, JP)
[ Abstract ]
P19:  Support of IP Multi-Services through Admission Control
Brikena Statovci-Halimi (Vienna University of Technology, AT)
[ Abstract ]
P20:  Next generation policy for the e-communications sector: the role of the end user and technology
Jolien Ubacht (Delft University of Technology/Faculty Technology, Policy & Manangement, NL); Jos Vrancken (Delft University of Technology/ Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, NL)
[ Abstract ]
P21:  Partnership between Telecom Service Providers and Their Equipment Vendors in NGN
Li Lin (University of Cambridge, UK)
[ Abstract ]
P22:  Trends in the organization of standardization in the mobile telecommunication domain
Endre Grøtnes (University of Oslo, NO)
[ Abstract ]
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