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ITU-T e-FLASH - Issue No. 8


Telecommunication Standardization Sector

Issue No. 8 September 2004


 Defining Standards Activity Beyond 2004
5-14 October, 2004 sees the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) which is the regular event that defines the next period of study for ITU-T. This year Brazil has kindly offered to host the event. Preparations for WTSA-04 are nearing conclusion as the event approaches.

The assembly will review and decide on working methods including approval process, the work programme, structure of study groups, study questions, and develop procedures for cooperation with external organizations. Essentially WTSAs determine the priorities, urgency and timeframe for completion of work relating to the preparation of standards. It's expected that high on the agenda of this WTSA will be restructuring of the study group system that splits ITU-T's work into specific areas of study.

The assembly will be preceded by a Cybersecurity Symposium.

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 Patent Holders Given More Choice
Following a meeting of ITU-T's IPR Ad Hoc Group an addition has been made to the Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration form which will give patent holders more freedom to decide how their patents can be used by others.

ITU-T's patent policy has three tiers, which can be summarised 1) free, 2) reasonable terms and conditions and 3) paid. The new addition is to the first option (1) royalty free use of patented material within ITU-T Recommendations - and gives patent holders offering royalty free use of their patents the option to switch to reasonable terms and conditions in circumstances where another patent holder has a patent in the same Recommendation that they are not offering for free.

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 Car Workshop Planned For Geneva Motor Show
ITU-T is partnering with one of the world's largest automobile events - the Geneva Motor Show - to host a second workshop focusing on the synergy between the information and communication technologies (ICT) and automotive sectors. 

The workshop will take place 1-4 March, 2005, during the 75th Geneva International Motor Show.

ICT in cars is an area of significant interest and impact. All major car manufacturers are looking to incorporate some level of ICT functionality into their vehicles. The fully-networked car is a goal of manufacturers seeking to offer improved safety and a better driver experience.

ITU-T's 2003 workshop, Workshop on Telecommunications for Motor Vehicles had a programme led by leading players in the field and more than 80 attendees from car and systems manufacturers. The event saw the formation of the 'Advisory Panel for Standards Cooperation on Telecommunications related to Motor Vehicles', which has held several meetings, and is spearheading the 2005 event.

As with the 2003 programme, the 2005 workshop will offer the automotive and telecommunication industries an opportunity to exchange ideas on the future of ICT in motor vehicles, with an emphasis on standardization.

The 2005 event plans several segments specifically targeting high-level decision-makers. These sessions will examine topics such as the need for consensus between the public and private sectors and business models for interlinking the car and telecom businesses. Additional technically-oriented sessions will examine topics such as telematics and diagnostics, safety, the integration of in-vehicle systems with existing telecommunications infrastructures, and communications and the mobile office.

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 Focus Groups Explained
A webpage detailing all of the focus groups within ITU-T has been setup. Here.

Focus groups are an instrument created by ITU-T that augment the study group work programme by providing an alternative working environment for the quick development of specifications in their chosen areas. Focus groups are now widely used to address industry needs as they emerge, and when they are not covered within an existing study group. The key difference between study groups and focus groups is the freedom that they have to organize and finance themselves. Focus groups can be created very quickly, usually have a short lifetime and can choose their own working methods, leadership, financing, and types of deliverables.


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 Products and Services - Bringing You The News Since 1869
ITU News is the official magazine of the International Telecommunication Union published 10 times a year in English, French and Spanish. First published in 1869 as the Journal télégraphique, ITU News renders a first-hand account of the Union’s activities and the global issues of concern to people from all areas of the telecommunication industry.

The magazine carries high-level features on ITU’s standardization work, as well as focusing on the role of ITU in the management of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, and on ITU’s programmes that facilitate connectivity and access to information and communication technologies (ICT) in developing countries. The publication also carries regular industry news and event listings.

Making up the readership of ITU News are senior government officials, directors-general, presidents and chief executive officers of telecommunication companies, senior executives from the broadcasting and information technology industries, senior managers, technical experts, regulatory and legal specialists, consultants and academics from across all regions of the world.

ITU membership entitles members to receive up to five complimentary copies per issue. Alternatively, you can subscribe here.

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