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Chairmen of Study Groups and other groups since 1956

1957 - 1960 | 1961 - 1964 | 1965 - 1968 | 1969 - 1972 | 1973 - 1976 | 1977 - 1980 | 1981 - 1984 | 1985 - 1988 |
1989 - 1992 | 1993 - 1996 | 1997 - 2000 | 2001 - 2004 | 2005 - 2008
Period 1981 - 1984
Study Group Name Chairman
Study Group I Definition and operational aspects of telegraph and telematic services (facsimile, Teletex, Videotex, etc.) Mr. K. Freiburghaus (Switzerland)
Study Group II Telephone operation and quality of service Mr. J. Biot (Belgium)
Study Group III General tariff principles Mr. M. Kojima (Japan)
Study Group IV Transmission maintenance of international lines, circuits and chains of circuits; maintenance of automatic and semi-automatic networks Mr. J. Kiil (Denmark)
Study Group V Protection against dangers and disturbances of electromagnetic origin Mr. G. Gratta (Italy)
Study Group VI Protection and specifications of cable sheaths and poles Mr. K. Nikolski (USSR)
Study Group VII Data Communication networks Mr. V.C. MacDonald (Canada)
Study Group VIII Terminal equipment for telematic services (facsimile, Teletex, Videotex, etc.) Mr. W. Staudinger (Germany, Fed. Rep. of)
Study Group IX Telegraph networks and terminal equipment Mr. E.E. Daniels (United Kingdom)
Study Group XI Telephone switching and signalling Mr. J.S. Ryan (United States)
Study Group XII Telephone transmission performance and local telephone networks Mr. P. Lorand (France)
Study Group XV Transmission systems Mr. D. Gagliardi (Italy)
Study Group XVI Telephone circuits Mr. S. Munday (United Kingdom)
Study Group XVII Data communication over the telephone network Mr. V.N. Vaughan (United States)
XVIII Digital networks Mr. Th. Irmer (Germany, Fed. Rep. of)
CMBD Circuit noise and availability (Joint CCITT/CCIR Study Group) Mr. A.P. Bolle (Netherlands)
CMTT Television and sound transmission (Joint CCIR/CCITT Study Group) Mr. Y. Angel (France)
CMV Definitions and symbols (Joint CCIR/CCITT Study Group) Mr. M. Thué (France)
Plan Committees
( CCITT/CCIR Joint Committees administered by CCITT)
World Plan Committee General Plan for the development of the World Telecommunication Network Mr. M. Ghazal (Lebanon)
Plan Committee for Africa General Plan for the development of the Regional Telecommunication Network in Africa Mr. L. Dia (Senegal)
Plan Committee for Latin America General Plan for the development of the Regional Telecommunication Network in Latin America Mr. R.J.P. Severini (Argentina)
Plan Committee for Asia and Oceania General Plan for the development of the Regional Telecommunication Network in Asia and Oceania Mr. A.M. Al-Sabej (Kuwait)
Plan Committee for Europe and the Mediterranean Basin Telecommunication plan for Europe and the Mediterranean Basin Mr. L. Terol Miller (Spain)
Special Autonomous Groups
GAS 3 Economic and technical aspects of the choice of transmission systems Mr. J.Z. Jacoby (United States)
GAS 4 Primary sources of energy Mr. H. Krakowski (Germany, Fed. Rep. of)
GAS 5 Economic and social problems relating to telecommunication development Mr. M. Benedetti (Italy)
GAS 7 Rural telecommunications Mr. C. Rudilosso (Italy)
GAS 8 Economic and technical impact of implementing a regional satellite network Mr. G. Malleus (France)
GAS 9 Economic and technical aspects of transition from an analogue to a digital telecommunication network Mr. L. Ackzell (Sweden)


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