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ITU Recommendations: What's New

The following files have been updated on 02/18/2013

ITU-R Recommendations
BS.1195-1 (01/13) : Transmitting antenna characteristics at VHF and UHF
BS.1548-4 (01/13) : User requirements for audio coding systems for digital broadcasting
BS.2032 (01/13) : Synchronization of digital audio sample clock to video references
BT.1206-1 (01/13) : Spectrum limit masks for digital terrestrial television broadcasting
BT.1368-10 (01/13) : Planning criteria, including protection ratios, for digital terrestrial television services in the VHF/UHF bands
BT.1699-2 (01/13) : Harmonization of declarative application formats for interactive TV
BT.2016-1 (01/13) : Error-correction, data framing, modulation and emission methods for terrestrial multimedia broadcasting for mobile reception using handheld receivers in VHF/UHF bands
BT.2033 (01/13) : Planning criteria, including protection ratios, for second generation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting systems in the VHF/UHF bands
ITU-T Recommendations
G.874.1 (10/12) : Optical transport network (OTN): Protocol-neutral management information model for the network element view
X.1528.3 (09/12) : Common platform enumeration dictionary


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