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Y.1371 : Interfaces for the Transport MPLS (T-MPLS) hierarchy

Recommendation Y.1371

In force components
Title Status
G.8112/Y.1371 (10/12)
Interfaces for the MPLS Transport Profile layer network   In force
G.8112/Y.1371 (2012) Amendment 1 (04/14)
New Appendix II   In force
G.8112/Y.1371 (2012) Corrigendum 1 (01/15)
  In force
Superseded and Withdrawn components
Title Status
G.8112/Y.1371 (2006) Corrigendum 1 (01/07)
This corrigendum was never published, its content having been included in the published ITU-T Rec. G.8112/Y.1371 (10/2006)
G.8112/Y.1371 (10/06)
Interfaces for the Transport MPLS (T-MPLS) hierarchy  
The next update of this Recommendation will only describe MPLS-TP and will include normative references to the MPLS-TP RFCs under development to meet ITU-T transport requirements. This edition includes the modifications introduced by G.8112/Y.1371 (2006) Cor.1 approved on 09 January 2007


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