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P.501 : New annexes A and B

Recommendation P.501 (2000) Amendment 1 (05/04)

Approved in 2004-05-14

Status : Superseded


Table of Contents



This Amendment includes an electronic attachment containing test speech files and noise sequences of Annex B. Due to the data volume, this Amendment is not downloadable from the ITU website and is produced on CD-ROM, which is available separately from the ITU Sales service. Only the Amendment text is downloadable free of charge for information purposes

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159232 bytes 2005-05-24 E 27250 

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317861 bytes 2005-05-24  

Word Document Word

273408 bytes 2005-08-11 S 27252 

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375828 bytes 2005-08-11  

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83043 bytes 2005-08-11  

Word Document Word

276992 bytes 2005-08-11 F 27251 

PDF Document PDF (acrobat)

392944 bytes 2005-08-11  

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82527 bytes 2005-08-11  


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