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Birth of Broadband: List of Figures


Figure 1.1: Broadband penetration rates around the world

Figure 1.2: Speed matters

Figure 1.3: Slowly catching up

Figure 1.4: How broadband promotes higher consumer telecommunication spending

Figure 2.1: Distribution of broadband connections by technology

Figure 2.2: DSL making full use of copper lines

Figure 2.3: Cable modem connections

Figure 2.4: Last-kilometre wired networks

Figure 2.5: Local multipoint distribution system

Figure 2.6: Long-range connections over IEEE 802.16

Figure 2.7: Mesh networks

Figure 2.8: Power line communications

Figure 3.1: Broadband worldwide

Figure 3.2: Growth in broadband penetration worldwide

Figure 3.3: Broadband penetration and income

Figure 3.4: Dial-up and broadband

Figure 3.5: Broadband penetration by technology

Figure 3.6: Fibre-to-the-home in Japan

Figure 3.7: Diagram of a customer-commissioned fibre optic network

Figure 4.1:  VoIP is catching on

Figure 4.2: The long road for broadband to catch television

Figure 4.3: Broadband content development

Figure 4.4: Telecommunication business unbundling and cross-area businesses in Japan

Figure 5.1: New ICTs go hand in hand with competition

Figure 5.2: Incumbents still dominate broadband—even in competitive markets

Figure 5.3: Local loop unbundling and DSL growth

Figure 5.4: Regulating collocation

Figure 5.5: The corrosive nature of cross-ownership

Figure 7.1: The ICT landscape

Figure 7.2: Information society: hopes and fears






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