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Birth of Broadband: List of Boxes


Box 2.1:  Paris Unplugged

Box 2.2: Rural broadband access via WLAN

Box 2.3: Free space optics in Belfast

Box 3.1: Cable vs. DSLwhy is DSL overtaking cable?

Box 3.2: Fixed wireless access in rural Canada

Box 3.3: Wi-Fi and the road to reconstruction

Box 3.4: Railway lines lead to broadband access in rural India

Box 3.5: Australia: paying for broadband byte by byte

Box 3.6: Japan’s comprehensive support for the private sector

Box 3.7: Telecommunication infrastructure as a “public good

Box 3.8: Who’s who in broadband?

Box 4.1: Internet TV and home networking in Japan

Box 4.2:  Right here, right Now

Box 4.3:  Learning in the Internet age

Box 4.4: Local content

Box 4.5: Peer-to-peer networks

Box 5.1: Market mechanisms for managing spectrum

Box 5.2: The market for wholesale broadband local access

Box 5.3: Inter-modal competition: Seeing the bigger picture

Box 5.4: European Union restrictions on “predatory pricing”

Box 5.5: Universal service and broadband

Box 6.1: Estonia: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Box 6.1: Music on the cheap in Belgium

Box 6.2:  Copyright laws have been getting stronger while illegal content flourishes

Box 6.3: A successful recipe for broadband competition

Box 7.1: From ICTs to an information society—building technology, building knowledge

Box 7.2: Measuring the digital divide in Internet capacity

Box 7.3: Longer Internet connection times spell greater vulnerability for broadband users

Box 7.4: Keeping kids out of the cookie jar

Box 7.5: The “dark side” of the information revolution

Box 7.6: Southern India: Information shops





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