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Radio-spectrum Management for a Converging World

In recent years, technological innovation in the field of communications has placed increasing demands on radio spectrum. In the area of telecommunications, new services have been launched, such as 3G mobile communications and wireless broadband Internet access, while digital broadcasting has ushered in a new range of services such as high definition television. Meanwhile, existing demands in the form of traditional broadcasting, mobile voice services, public safety services and defense have also grown, placing an increased strain on the finite amount of radio spectrum available.

 Looking towards the future, the development and distribution of new wireless products and services will accelerate, driven by consumer demand for ubiquitous access to communications and information. Together with an increased demand for radio spectrum, boundaries between new services will also grow increasingly blur, departing from established industry categorizations and rigid regulatory definitions. This will inevitably make radio spectrum management more difficult and less predictable.

 With growing demands being placed on radio spectrum both nationally and internationally together with the increasing difficulty of managing spectrum within current regulatory frameworks, it has become increasingly important for countries and international organizations engaged in spectrum management and harmonization to ensure that they possess the necessary facilities and expertise to efficiently and effectively manage this finite resource in the public interest.



In conjunction with the Radiocommunications Bureau (BR), a New Initiatives workshop on the subject of "Radio Spectrum Management for a Converging World". The workshop was held at ITU Headquarters, Geneva from 16 to 18 February 2004 (see Agenda ). Participation was by invitation only. For more information on the workshop please contact  

Background and objectives of the workshop

Workshop documents

Workshop presentations

The workshop is part of the ITU New Initiatives programme

Background Paper 

Two background papers have been prepared to serve as an introduction to the topic of radio spectrum management   

Radio Spectrum Management for a Converging World, Word or PDF

Radio Spectrum Management and Advanced Wireless Technologies, Word or PDF

Country Case Studies

A series of Country Case Studies on radio spectrum management have been prepared on:

Australia, Word or PDF

Guatemala, Word or PDF

United Kingdom, Word or PDF

Online Resources

This site aims to provide a number of background resources on radio spectrum management. It is divided into the following categories:

General Resources on Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management Reform




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