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ITU and Info-Communications

The Internet and Mobile Info-Communications Revolution

The world is changing and ITU is changing with it. First there was telecommunications. Then came information technology. They've merged to create info-communications. That means radical new ways of designing and using telecommunications networks. It also means new technical, policy and regulatory challenges. Discover here some of our projects to build the global information economy and society. And how we're making info-communications a reality in the 21st century.

New Initiatives Program

Explanation and Main Page

Fixed/Mobile Interconnection

IP Telephony

Electronic Signatures and Certification Authorities


ITU Plenipoteniary Resolutions on IP-based Networks and Internet Names and Addresses

Resolution 101: Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks

Resolution 102: Management of Internet domain names and addresses

Latest News

October 1 2001: Presentation by Mr. Jeffrey Ganek at the Telecom Policy Summit now available.
October 1 2001: ITU Press Release - Progress achieved towards implementing electronic numbering "ENUM" 
August 21 2001: Presentation by Mr. Kevin McCandless on  Understanding ENUM and Current Status now available.
June 2001: Presentations on ENUM Implementation by Mr. Robert Shaw are now available.
March 28-29 2001: Presentations submitted to the US SGA Ad-Hoc Meeting on ENUM are now available.
February 19: 2001: Presentations from the US SGA-Workshop February 12-13, 2001, on ENUM are now available.

January 24, 2001: The Chairman’s Report of the ITU ENUM Workshop on 17 January 2001 is now available.

Dec 15, 2000: Update of ITU ENUM Activities page concerning ITU ENUM Workshop on 17 January 2001.

Nov 6, 2000: Link to the new World Summit on the Information Society web site.

Oct 31, 2000: Update of ITU ENUM Activities page.

Oct 27, 2000: Update of ITU ENUM Activities page.

Oct 26, 2000: Release of 2001 World Telecommunication Policy Forum on IP Telephony web pages.

Oct 4, 2000: Release of ITU ENUM Activities page.

Oct 2, 2000: Release of ITU's Report on Activities Related to Internet Protocol (IP)-based Neworks and release of ITU's Report on Management of Internet Names and Addresses (July 2000)

Oct 1, 2000: Release of the ITU Info-Communications web site.


Future Events

Multilingual Domain Names: Joint ITU/WIPO Symposium

2003: World Summit on the Information Society


Past Events

2001: World Telecommunication Policy Forum: IP Telephony
Jan 17, 2001: ITU ENUM Workshop: Issues for Regulators, Policy-makers and Numbering Authorities. See Description and Objective of the Workshop, Draft Agenda, Registration Form (also in Word)

20-22 Sept 2000: Fixed/Mobile Interconnection Workshop

14-16 June 2000: IP Telephony Workshop

9-10 Dec 2000: High Level Experts Meeting on Electronic Signatures and Certification Authorities: Issues for Telecommunications


3rd Generation Mobile

ITU Workshop on Licensing Policy for 3rd Generation Mobile


Status of UMTS Licensing in Europe



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