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The World Telecommunication Policy Forum is being held from 7 to 9 March 2001 at the Geneva International Conference Centre (CICG). The aim of the 2001 Forum, to be held on the theme of IP Telephony, is to agree upon a series of "opinions" that will address possible policies for IP Telephony, actions to assist in the transition to IP-based networks, and measures to tackle the human resource development challenges raised by new technologies such as IP Telephony. It is preceded by a day-long information session to at which experts from industry and governments will present background information and lead discussion. The objective of the day is to stimulate debate on policy issues raised by IP Telephony, and to promote informed decision-making by companies and governments.

In the WTPF 2001 Newsroom, you will find information to assist media in a better understanding of the issues and work to be achieved by the Forum. All material found on this site can be used for reporting purposes.

Purpose of the Forum Case Studies
Agenda Report on IP Telephony
Programme Secretary-General's report 
Media accreditation Output of the meeting: Chairman's report and Opinions
Information Session Press briefing record
Press Releases Keynote addresses
Statements and Presentations List of Forum participants and other attendees

Additional information is found on the main WTPF web site along with other language versions of documents

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