WSIS Forum 2018

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2018 represents the world's largest annual gathering of the ‘ICT for development’ community. The annual WSIS Forum is a global multi-stakeholder platform facilitating the implementation of the WSIS Action Lines for advancing sustainable development. The Forum provides an opportunity for information exchange, knowledge creation and sharing of best practices, while identifying emerging trends and fostering partnerships, taking into account the evolving Information and Knowledge Societies.

The WSIS Forum is constantly evolving and strengthening the alignment between the WSIS Action Lines and the Sustainable Development Goals. The Forum will serve as a key platform for discussing the role of ICTs as a means of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets, with due regard to the global mechanism for follow-up and review of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Open Consultations

The WSIS Forum is the only event of its kind where the programme and agenda are completely crowdsourced. Therefore, as organizers, ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP, are pleased to announce the Open Consultation Process on thematic aspects and innovations on the format of the WSIS Forum 2018. The process aims at ensuring a participatory and inclusive spirit of the Forum, scheduled to be held from 19-23 March 2018 at ITU in Geneva. This process actively engages governments, civil society, the private sector, academia, the technical community and intergovernmental organizations in the preparatory process to ensure broad ownership and further improvements of the Forum.

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2017 Outcomes

More than 2,500 ICT experts and advocates from around the globe took part in the WSIS Forum 2017, where they exchanged knowledge and experiences towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With a focus on sustainable development trends and inclusive ICT initiatives in key SDG priority areas, the 2017 forum featured more than 200 specialized workshops covering a wide array of topics identified through a participatory process with WSIS stakeholders. WSIS Forum 2017 resulted in several concrete outcomes that will enable stakeholders to strengthen implementation of WSIS Action Lines and the alignment of the WSIS and SDG processes.

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