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Access to the Media Centre & Media Centre overpasses

Access to the Media Centre

Entry to the Media Centre will be strictly limited to accredited media and to bearers of the Media Centre overpass. Civil Society and Business entities have each been allocated 20 overpasses. These do not specify any name so may be shared amongst the members as and when required. Media Relations Officers are responsible for the distribution of these overpasses.

The Media Centre overpass grants access to the majority of the Centre's facilities (press conference and interview rooms, pigeonholes, staff offices) but does not enable entry to the Media Working Room. This area is reserved strictly for journalists.

The Media Centre will be officially open from 15 to 18 November, 08:00-22:00. The Media Working Room will be operational as of 13 November for accredited media.

Please contact your Media Relations Officer (Adina Fulga Radi for accredited Civil Society and Bryce Corbett for more information.



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