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Reservation of Pigeonholes

The Media Centre will be the on-site location at which you can reach journalists with information. Pigeonholes are available for Media Relations Officers to reserve within a designated area of the Media Centre. Pigeonholes will be the principal mechanism via which hard-copy information can be retrieved directly by the media in attendance. As Media Relations Officer, you will wish to ensure that your information is available in this key location.

Documentation can be left by an authorized representative of your organization at the documentation counter in the Media Centre entrance. Staff of the media service will stock your pigeonholes. However, media staff will not be able to provide a photocopying service so please ensure an adequate supply of documentation is provided on a regular basis to replenish your stock i.e. just enough to fill the pigeonholes which will have been allocated to you, based on the dimensions of the pigeonholes.

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Reservation procedure

When you complete the Pigeonhole Reservation form, please indicate:

  • Pigeonhole title - the name of the delegation as you wish to see it displayed on your pigeonhole
  • Language of documentation available in the pigeonhole
  • Number of pigeonholes per language required


Pigeonhole label tag

Each pigeonhole will be labeled, in alphabetical order, with the information entered in the "Label tag" field and by language of the documentation it contains. Journalists will be looking for the organizations they see listed in the list of participants so we strongly recommend you reserve your pigeonholes under the same organizational name as that already officially registered.

You need to complete a separate form for each different label tag.


Language of documentation

Given the global nature of the Summit , you should consider supplying materials in more than one language. For ease of reference, we recommend you reserve separate pigeonholes for each language required.


Number of pigeonholes

When deciding on the number of pigeonholes to reserve (and designing your Media information), please bear in mind the dimensions of each pigeonhole are approximately: 30cm high x30cm wide x 30cm deep. Note that pigeonholes are freely available to all accredited media who will be visiting the documentation area of the Media Centre on a regular basis for the latest hard-copy materials. Media Relations Officers will therefore need to check regularly that supplies for the pigeonholes are stocked to meet demand and that obsolete materials are removed.

Please note that we cannot accommodate large stockpiles of documentation. If you need to store materials, you should plan to do this elsewhere.



The deadline for reservation of pigeonholes has been set for 11 November 2005. Reservations received after this date can still be processed but the pigeonholes can no longer be arranged in alphabetical order of "pigeonhole title" and will be located at the end of the units in order of date of receipt. Journalists will be looking for your information by alphabetical order of organization so please ensure you reserve ahead of the deadline so as not to hinder the visibility of your materials.



Access to the pigeonhole area

Please note that you will need a specific Overpass to access the Media Centre. Two Media Centre Overpasses will be provided to each Media Relations Officer. These overpasses are transferable to other members of your delegation. However, do note that lost overpasses will not be replaced.





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