WSIS E-FLASH N°15,  1 JUNE 2004
  • Preparatory Meeting – PrepCom-1 of the Tunis phase, 24-26 June 2004, Hammamet 
    The Preparatory Meeting (PrepCom-1 of the Tunis phase) will take place from 24 to 26 June 2004 in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia. The meeting, which is open to observers (UN Agencies, invited International Organizations, ITU sector members, accredited civil society and business entities) and to accredited media, will essentially be reviewing those issues of the Information Society that should form the focus of the Tunis phase. It will also consider the process leading to the second phase of WSIS. More information on this meeting is available on the WSIS website. Additional information can be found on the website of the Tunisian organizing committee

  • World Telecommunication Day – message from UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
    Following two years of intense negotiations, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) laid the foundations for an inclusive Information Society with the adoption of the Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action by 175 countries. It embraced the idea of universal, accessible, equitable and affordable ICT infrastructure and services as a key goal.

    To help focus the world's attention on the strategic role which ICTs can play in reducing poverty and creating opportunities for long-term development, ITU members selected the theme “ICTs: Leading the way to sustainable development” for this year's World Telecommunication Day. Cf. ITU press release.

    In his message, published on the occasion of World Telecommunication Day, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. Kofi Annan reminded us that ICTs serve as crucial tools for achieving economic progress. Affordable technologies in the hands of local communities can be effective engines of change, both social and material, he says. Cf. UN press release.

    ITU Secretary-General Yoshio Utsumi added that while ICTs alone may not feed the hungry, eradicate poverty or reduce child mortality, they are an increasingly important catalyst that spurs economic growth and social equity. ICTs allow for more efficient agricultural production and distribution, for effective delivery of basic health services in areas with little or no access to healthcare facilities or for a better reach of educators to bring knowledge to the most remote corners of our planet. 

  • ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2004 - “Access Africa”
    The sixth regional ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2004 Exhibition and Forum was held from 4 to 8 May 2004 in Cairo under the theme “Access Africa”, attracting around 10'000 participants from the leading players of the global and regional telecommunication industry to the top-level representatives of the region’s governments and regulatory bodies. Cf. ITU press release.

    The Forum closing session on “Digital Solidarity - WSIS” discussed a number of key issues related to the Digital Solidarity Agenda, which was adopted by WSIS in December 2003 in Geneva. Cf. ITU information note to the media.

  • Paris, Tunis and Rome are joining the Digital Solidarity Fund
    During the Founding Congress of United Cities and Local Governments », held in Paris from 2 to 5 May 2004, the cities of Paris and Tunis, as well as the region of Rome have announced their participation in the Digital Solidarity Fund. Cf. Article of UPF (only in French).

  • Commemorative book on the Geneva Phase of WSIS
    A commemorative book on the Geneva Phase of WSIS has been published by ITU and an electronic version is now available. The 152-page book is an all-colour publication that includes statements from the opening session of the Summit as well as the WSIS documents – the Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action – which were endorsed by 175 countries, along with a message from UN Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Annan and a foreword by ITU Secretary-General Mr. Yoshio Utsumi. A concise background of the WSIS process and an impressionistic picture gallery capture the atmosphere of the Summit and its preparatory process.

  • Global Forum on Internet Governance – publication of informal Summary
    The Secretariat of the United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force (UN ICT TF) published the informal Summary of the Global Forum on Internet Governance that was held on 25 and 26 March 2004 at United Nations headquarters in New York. 




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