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Thematic Workshop

Expert Group Meeting on e-Government and New Technologies: Towards better citizen engagement for Development

Organised by UNDESA and ITU

Thursday 13 May 2010,

Room K


Friday 14 May 2010


Room K

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This Expert Group Meeting on “e-Government and New Technologies: Towards better citizen engagement for Development is co-organised by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Meeting will focus on the transfer and exchange of ideas from multi-stakeholders to further discussions on citizen engagement applications as they pertain to governments, as well as address issues of knowledge management and capacity-building within the ambit of e-government. The Meeting is expected to identify the major issues and trends in citizen engagement and information services within e-government programs with the goal of improving effective and efficient public service delivery. The meeting will explore ways of utilizing the latest in social networks, web 2.0 technologies and mobile applications by reviewing existing approaches worldwide and analyzing the structural and process changes associated with current e-government development. The experts will present papers on the themes outlined above, as well as participate in the discussions at the Meeting.

For more details, please refer to the following documents:

Aide-Mémoire | Programme

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Day 1



The Macro View of E-Government: The Why & How for good governance through citizen engagement.


Chairman: Dr. Yury Grin, Deputy Director, ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau

Keynote speaker: Mr. Sami Al Basheer Al Morshid, Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union


Moderator: Dr. Alan R. Shark, Executive Director, Public Technology Institute



  • Mr. Ivo Ivanovski, Minister of Information Society (Former Republic of Macedonia)

  • Dr. Hoda Baraka, First Deputy to the Minister, Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies (MCIT) (Egypt)

  • Prof. Dr. Tino Schuppan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, IfG CC-The Potsdam eGovernment Competence Center (Germany)

  • Mr. Yury Yaroshevich, Senior Expert, Policy Analysis Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Belarus)




SESSION One – New technologies & citizen engagement: Practices and impacts from country cases


Moderator: Slava Cherkasov , DPADM/DESA



  • Mr. Jovan Kurbalija, Founding Director, DiploFoundation – “Can Web 2.0 facilitate Global Governance 2.0?” (Switzerland)

  • Dr. K. Jayakumar, Joint Secretary (Admin), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology – “Building Institutional Capacities for a purposive transformative change to support e-governance initiatives” (India)

  • Ms. Viola Krebs, Director, ICVolunteers - "Citizen engagement through cybervolunteerism: the example of in Senegal and Mali" (Switzerland)

  • Mr. Wojciech Cellary, Professor, Poznan University of Economics, Department of Information Technology – “Non-technical aspects of citizens engagement in e-government” (Poland)

  • Open discussion




SESSION Two - New technologies & citizen engagement: Government strategies, perspectives and capacities for change


Moderator: Hani Eskandar, ITU



  • Mr. Ionut Negrescu, Director, European Affairs and International Relations Directorate, Ministry of Communications and Information Society - "New eRomania Strategy and Citizen Engagement" (Romania)

  • Ms. Maria Isabel Mejia-Jaramillo, General Manager on the Agenda for Connectivity and e-Government Strategy, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications - "Best practices and lessons learnt developing and implementing a successful Government Online National Strategy” (Colombia)

  • Mr. Tomasz Janowski, Head, UNU-IIST Center for Electronic Governance - "EGOV.* - An Action Framework for Governance 2.0” (UNU/China)

  • Ms. Prachi Sharma, CEO, Samin Tekmindz - "Existing citizen engagement trends within e-government” (India)

  • Open discussion


SESSION Three – New technologies & citizen engagement: Perspectives of non government stakeholders


Moderator: Slava Cherkasov , DPADM/DESA



  • Mr. Michael Szafraniec, Operations Manager, Illawarra Community Services, Inc., Dapto Neighbourhood Centre – “Engagement in the Information Age” (Australia)

  • Mr. Michel Chevallier, Chancellerie d’Etat – “Citizen engagement and compliance with the legal, technical and operational measures in iVoting” (Switzerland)

  • Mr. Jonathan Paris, Political Analyst and Senior Advisor to Sheikh MBI al Jaber – “A Private Sector Perspective on Empowering Citizen Stakeholders” (United Kingdom)

  • Mr. Emdad Khan, PhD, InternetSpeech – “Effective Citizen Engagement for Economic and Social Development Using Voice Internet: Fastest & Practical Ways to Bridge Digital & Language Divides” (USA)

  • Open discussion

Day 22


SESSION Four - New technologies & citizen engagement: Strategies and capacity building for knowledge management


Moderator: Hani Eskandar, ITU



  • Mr. James Griffin, Senior Researcher, IfG.CC-The Potsdam eGovernment Competence Center - “E-Government Competencies: Looking beyond Technology” (Germany)

  • Dr. Rowena G. Bethel, Legal Advisor, Ministry of Finance - “New technologies & citizen engagement: Strategies and capacity building for knowledge management: e-Democracy” (Bahamas)

  • Paul Crookall, Management Consultant and Editor Emeritus, Canadian Government Executive Magazine – “Tools and Trust: building a citizen engagement savvy public service (Canada)

  • Mr. Endrit Kromidha, PhD Researcher, Royal Holloway, University of London – “E-Government frameworks and opportunities toward better stakeholders’ engagement” (Romania)

  • Open discussion




SESSION Five - Creating an Action Agenda for better citizen engagement through ICT for development


Moderator: Dr. Alan R. Shark



  • Mr. Rajkumar Prasad, CEO, Commonwealth Centre for e-Governance – “E-Government & KM – New Technologies and Trend” (India)

  • Mr. Muoka Reuben, Head, Media and Public Relations, Nigerian Communications Commission – “Creating and Action Agenda for better citizen engagement through ICT for development” (Nigeria)

  • Open discussion

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