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Políticas sobre las TIC y Gobierno de Internet


go  Louder voices.

go  Open code and open societies: values of Internet governance, by Lawrence Lessig.

go  Governance webpage from the Global Internet Policy Initiative.

go  Internet governance and the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) by Adam Peake. Adam Peake is Executive Research Fellow at the Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan.

go  Herding Schrodinger’s cats: Some conceptual tools for thinking about Internet Governance. Background Paper for the ITU Workshop on Internet Governance Geneva, 26-27 February 2004.

go  Donor ICT Strategies Matrix, published by OECD/DAC, December 2003.

go  Ideology and policy: notes on the shaping of the Internet by Katharine Sarikakis.

go  ICANN.

go  ICANN Announcement regarding certification of "At-Large Structures", 16 December 2003.

go  Frequently Asked Questions About Conducting a National WSIS Consultation Process Version 1, June 2003, Association for Progressive Communications.

go  Global E-policy resource network (ePol-NET).

go  Global E-policy resource network, Press release.

go  ICT Policy and Internet Rights page from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).

go  ICT Policy for Civil Society: A Taining Course.

go  Information and Communication Technologies, Poverty and Development: Learning from Experience. A background paper for the InfoDev Annual Symposium 2003, by Kerry S. McNamara.

go  ICT Policy, a Beginners Handbook, Association for Progressive Communications, Ed. Chris Nicol, December 2003.

go  Beyond ICANN vs. ITU? How WSIS tries to enter the new territory of Internet Governance, by Wolfgang Kleinwächter.

go  Information about the the DNS Root Server Mirror Service and Anycast.

go  Internet Exchange Points Their Importance to Development of the Internet and Strategies for their Deployment - The African Example 6 June 2002 (revised 3 May 2004).

go  How Domain Name Servers Work. By Marshall Brain.

go  Framing ‘Internet Governance’ Policy Discourse: Fifteen Baseline Propositions by William J. Drake.

go  Who rules the Internet? Understanding ICANN.



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