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ITU-T Study Group 15 - Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures
List of Questions (Study Period 2009-2012)
Q1/15   Coordination of Access Network Transport standards TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q2/15   Optical systems for fibre access networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q3/15   General characteristics of transport networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q4a/15   Broadband access over metallic conductors TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q4b/15   Broadband in-premises networking TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q4c/15   Communications for Smart Grid TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q5/15   Characteristics and test methods of optical fibres and cables TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q6/15   Characteristics of optical systems for terrestrial transport networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q7/15   Characteristics of optical components and subsystems TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q8/15   Characteristics of optical fibre submarine cable systems TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q9/15   Transport equipment and network protection/restoration TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q10/15   OAM for transport networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q11/15   Signal structures, interfaces and interworking for transport networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q12/15   Transport network architectures TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q13/15   Network synchronization and time distribution performance TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q14/15   Management and control of transport systems and equipment TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q15/15   Test and measurement techniques and instrumentation TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q16/15   Optical physical infrastructure and cables TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q17/15   Maintenance and operation of optical fibre cable networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q18/15   Development of optical networks in the access area TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
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