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Distribution de la Radiodiffusion de Terre

Resultats:15 documents
Contributions  [ Source: Russian Federation ]   Documents / Contributions
Titre Source AI/Question
[ 296 ]  
Study on combined emission methods for digital terrestrial TV and audio broadcasting signals     Russian Federation   132-2/6   2015-02-04
[ 295 ]  
Evaluation of interference to TV reception from mobile service stations operating in adjacent frequency bands     Russian Federation     2015-02-04
[ 251 ]  
Proposals to working document towards a preliminary draft new Report ITU-R BT.[CRS_BS_BANDS] - Compatibility issues and national approaches related to introduction of Cognitive Radio Systems within frequency bands used by terrestrial broadcasting services     Russian Federation     2014-10-30
[ 175 ]  
Proposals for including into preliminary draft new Recommendation ITU-R BT.[ETMMPLAN] - Planning criteria for terrestrial multimedia broadcasting for mobile reception using handheld receivers in VHF/UHF bands     Russian Federation     2013-10-31
[ 174 ]  
Compatibility of mobile and broadcasting services in adjacent bands taking into account the outcome of wireless broadband equipment field test in terrestrial TV broadcasting frequency band     Russian Federation     2013-10-31
[ 173 ]  
Tests of single frequency radio networks DRM in the SW range     Russian Federation     2013-10-31
[ 172 ]  
Assessment of interference from mobile service networks base stations     Russian Federation     2013-10-31
[ 140 ]  
Measurements of DRM coverage area in the medium-frequency band in the daytime, night-time and in the fading zone     Russian Federation     2013-04-08
[ 139 ]  
Proposal on preliminary draft new Recommendation ITU-R BT.[DTVRX] - Characteristics of a reference receiving system for frequency planning of digital terrestrial television systems     Russian Federation     2013-04-08
[ 138 ]  
Material for modification of draft Report ITU-R BT.[ASSESSDTTBCRS] - Assessment of interference into the broadcasting service from cognitive devices in the frequency band 470-790 MHz     Russian Federation     2013-04-08
[ 69 ]  
Digital terrestrial television 2nd generation reference receiving system characteristics for frequency planning     Russian Federation     2012-10-05
[ 68 ]  
Framework for preliminary draft new ITU-R Recommendation on digital terrestrial broadcasting systems     Russian Federation     2012-10-05
[ 67 ]  
Proposals for inclusion into a liaison statement to JTG 4-5-6-7     Russian Federation     2012-10-05
[ 35 ]  
About the development of draft new Recommendation ITU-R on digital terrestrial broadcasting systems     Russian Federation     2012-04-12
[ 34 ]  
Study of interference from cognitive devices to television receivers and estimation of available spectrum for cognitive devices in the frequency band 470-790 MHz     Russian Federation     2012-04-12
Resultats:15 documents
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