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Networks, Technologies and Infrastructures for Transport, Access and Home

Study Period 2013

Results:15 total items.
Contributions  [ Questions: Q16/15 ]   Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title Questions
[ 756 ]  
2014-03-11 Italy   Proposal of a new study item: "Plant solutions for FTTdp (Fiber To The distribution point) architecture"     Q4/15, Q16/15  
[ 658 ]  
2014-03-10 Corning Incorporated   Recommendation regarding micro-ducts and associated mini cable technology and their application in the access network     Q16/15  
[ 628 ]  
2014-03-10 China , China Mobile Communications Corporation , China Telecommunications Corporation , China Unicom , FiberHome Technologies Group , Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. , ZTE Corporation   Proposal for studying intelligent node elements in optical fibre networks     Q16/15  
[ 558 ]  
2014-03-10 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)   Proposal for revision of cable documents L.10, L. 26, L.43     Q16/15  
[ 550 ]  
2014-03-10 FiberHome Technologies Group   Drafting proposal of new recommendation L.91     Q16/15  
[ 522 ]  
2014-03-08 The ITU Association of Japan   Proposal to discuss optical cables for low-cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for remote areas in developing countries     Q16/15  
[ 476 ]  
2014-03-07 Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA)   Proposal of new Recommendation "Referenced guidance on fiber optic indoor/outdoor installation"     Q16/15  
[ 470 ]  
2014-03-07 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)   Factors Affecting the Blowing Distance of Microduct Cable     Q16/15  
[ 454 ]  
2014-02-28 SIRTI S.p.A.   Draft for Questionnaire on "micro-ducts technology and its application in the access network"     Q16/15  
[ 453 ]  
2014-02-28 SIRTI S.p.A.   Scope and Table of Contents (TOC) of the new Recommendation "Microducts technology and its application in the access network"     Q16/15  
[ 192 ]  
2013-06-17 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)   L.oxcon "outdoor optical cross connect cabinet     Q16/15  
[ 92 ]  
2013-06-14 Italy   Proposal for starting the procedure of the new Recommendation about micro-ducts technology and its application in the access network.     Q16/15  
[ 91 ]  
2013-06-14 Italy   Beginning Of Life ("BOL") versus End-Of-Life ("EOL") approach in the specification of passive optical components.     Q7/15, Q2/15, Q16/15  
[ 44 ]  
2013-06-13 FiberHome Technologies Group   Proposal for revision of recommendation ITU-T L.60     Q16/15  
[ 2 ]  
2013-05-23 Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA)   Fibre optic infrastructure indoor and outdoor installation solution for developing cities.  
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Results:15 total items.
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