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Performance, QoS and QoE

Study Period 2013

Results:14 total items.
Contributions  [ AI/Question: Q1/12 ]   Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title AI/Question
[ 314 ]  
2015-12-23 Korea (Rep. of)   General consideration of QoS study for IMT-2020 in Study Group 12     Q1/12  
[ 313 ]  
2015-12-23 Korea (Rep. of)   Review of IMT-2020 study status for QoS issue     Q1/12  
[ 290 ]  
2015-12-15 AT&T, Inc.   Comments and Proposals for the 2017-2020 Work Programme: Virtualized Implementation of Study Group 12 Recommended Methods for QoS and QoE assessment     QALL/12, Q1/12  
[ 284 ]  
2015-11-12 Burkina Faso   QoS of GSM mobile networks in Burkina Faso     Q7/12, Q2/12, Q12/12, Q1/12  
[ 266 ]  
2015-04-22 Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA)   Draft New Supplement: "Guidelines on Selection of Representative Samples"     RG-AFR, Q12/12, Q1/12  
[ 239 ]  
2015-03-25 Ministry of Communication and Information Technology   Quality of Service Over LTE Networks     Q5/12, Q17/12, Q11/12, Q1/12  
[ 231 ]  
2014-08-22 Ministère des Postes, Télécommunications et Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (PTNTIC), Congo   Performance and quality of service of telecommunications     Q12/12, Q1/12  
[ 228 ]  
2014-08-20 Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones (CRC)   Evolution of Colombian regulation regarding Quality of Mobile Services and the need for further actions involving evaluation of user expectations     Q12/12, Q1/12  
[ 155 ]  
2014-07-16 RéCATIC   The Consumer Satisfaction Index as a tool in the development of telecommunications and ICTs     Q1/12  
[ 154 ]  
2014-07-16 RéCATIC   Participation of African consumers in ITU's standardization work     Q1/12  
[ 150 ]  
2013-11-21 KT Corporation   QoS issue in the last ITU-T CTO meeting     Q1/12  
[ 87 ]  
2013-11-11 Ghana   Proposed modifications to draft "Guidelines on Regulatory Aspects of QoS"     RG-AFR/12, Q12/12, Q1/12  
[ 6 ]  
2013-02-19 Niger   The requirements and problems expressed by developing countries on QoS and QoE, and how SG 12 can offer them support as part of its mandate     Q1/12  
[ 2 ]  
2013-02-11 Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA)   Quality of Service for VoIP over Wireless MAN     Q1/12  
Results:14 total items.
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