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ITU-T SG 12  TD (2013-12-03) 


Performance, QoS and QoE

Study Period 2013

Meeting  from 2013-12-03 to 2013-12-12

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : 2016-10-20  2016-06-07  2016-01-12  2015-05-05  2014-12-12  2014-09-02  2014-03-25  [ 2013-12-03 ]  2013-03-19 

Results:15 total items.
Temporary Documents  (GEN)  [ Questions: Q17/12 ]   Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title Questions
[ 361-GEN ]  
2013-12-16 Chairman, WP3/12   WP3/12 webinar presentation     Q17/12, Q13/12, Q12/12, Q11/12  
[ 354-GEN ]  
2013-12-12 Chairman, ITU-T SG12 Working Party 3   Executive Summary of the Working Party 3/12 meeting     Q17/12, Q13/12, Q12/12, Q11/12  
[ 326-GEN ]  
2013-12-10 Rapporteur, Q17/12   Draft New Rec G.102y: Buffer Models for Media Streams on TCP Transport     Q17/12  
[ 320-GEN ]  
2013-12-09 Rapporteur Q17/12   A.1 Annex A: Proposed Recommendation on Buffer Models for Media Streams on TCP Transport     Q17/12  
[ 314-GEN ]  
2013-12-06 Rapporteur, Q17/12   Proposal for new Appendix to Rec. ITU-T Y.1541 taking into account end-to-end jitter requirements for networks offering access link speeds much smaller then T1 or E1     Q17/12  
[ 286-GEN ]  
2013-12-03 Rapporteur Q17/12   Ad Hoc Meetings and Status Report of Q17/12: Performance of Packet-based networks,     Q17/12  
[ 281-GEN ]  
2013-12-02 TIA TR-30.3   LS/i on proposed revision of G.1050 [from TIA TR-30.3]     Q17/12, Q14/12, Q13/12  
[ 271-GEN ]  
2013-12-02 Editor Y.1566   QCI to DSCP mapping discussion     Q17/12  
[ 247-GEN ]  
2013-11-27 Chairman , WP3/12 (Multimedia QoS and QoE)   Draft agenda for WP3/12 meeting     Q17/12, Q13/12, Q12/12, Q11/12  
[ 225-GEN ]  
2013-10-25 ITU-T SG12   LS/r to "Development of Informative Codepoint mapping in ITU-T Study Group 12" [to IETF TSV]     Q17/12  
[ 224-GEN ]  
2013-10-24 Rapporteur, Q17/12   Report of Q17: Performance of Packet-based networks, Ad Hoc Meetings and Status     Q17/12  
[ 214-GEN ]  
2013-09-06 Chairman, TIA TR-30.3   LS/i on possible Amendment to G.1050-2011 for Testing Multimedia Over TCP     Q17/12, Q14/12, Q13/12  
[ 210-GEN ]  
2013-09-02 MEF   LS/i on new SAT PDU Approved Draft [from MEF]     Q17/12  
[ 209-GEN ]  
2013-09-02 ITU-T Q27/16   LS/i/r on ITS performance measurement methods, QoS, and QoE (COM12-LS24) [to ITU-T SG12]     Q17/12, Q13/12  
[ 208-GEN ]  
2013-09-02 ITU-T SG15   LS/i on status of Recommendation ITU-T G.8013/Y.1731 (revision) and Amendment 2 to Recommendation ITU-T G.8021/Y.1341     Q17/12  
Results:15 total items.
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