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Protocols and test specifications

Study Period 2013

Results:21 total items.
Contributions  [ Questions: Q8/11 ]   Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title Questions
[ 332 ]  
2015-11-19 Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation , OJSC Rostelecom , The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications   Proposal to advance a draft new Recommendation ITU-T Q.FW_CCF "Framework for solution to combat counterfeit ICT Devices"     Q8/11  
[ 318 ]  
2015-11-18 Brazil , Dominican Rep.   Draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.FW_CCF "Framework for solution to combat counterfeit ICT Devices."     Q8/11  
[ 317 ]  
2015-11-18 Cisco Systems, Inc.   Global Industry efforts to combat counterfeit equipment     Q8/11  
[ 278 ]  
2015-10-26 Ministry of Communication and ICT, Benin   Proposals on Study on Counterfeit, Substandard and Unauthorised ICT devices in Africa Region     Q8/11  
[ 277 ]  
2015-10-26 Ministère Postes et Télécom; Guinée   Information on combating counterfeit equipment in Guinea     Q8/11  
[ 275 ]  
2015-04-09 NCA, Ghana , NCC, Nigeria   Development of Recommendations on Counterfeit ICT Devices     Q8/11  
[ 274 ]  
2015-04-09 United Kingdom   Comments on proposals for ICT systems, modules and methods to combat counterfeit goods  
This document has also been posted as C460 for IoT-GSI
Q8/11, Q12/11  
[ 273 ]  
2015-04-09 Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações - ANATEL , Brazil   Proposal to initiate new work items in Question 8/11 to further the ITU standardization work to combat Counterfeit ICT Equipment.     Q8/11  
[ 269 ]  
2015-04-09 State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine   Proposal on new work-items on Q8/11     Q8/11  
[ 259 ]  
2015-04-09 European Union   Proposal to revise the Technical Report on Counterfeit ICT Equipment     Q8/11  
[ 231 ]  
2015-04-05 Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Feder   Proposal for a baseline text for draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.FW_CCF "Framework of ICT system to combat counterfeit goods"     Q8/11  
[ 151 ]  
2014-06-25 United Kingdom   Updates to draft Technical Report on Counterfeit Equipment     Q8/11  
[ 95 ]  
2013-10-28 United Kingdom   IMEI numbers and Counterfeit Mobile Devices     Q8/11  
[ 94 ]  
2013-10-25 GSM Association   Role and Scope of the GSMA IMEI Allocation System     Q8/11  
[ 91 ]  
2013-10-25 Ukraine   Addition to the Draft Handbook on Counterfeit Equipment     Q8/11  
[ 87 ]  
2013-10-25 NEC Corporation , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) , OKI Electric Industry Company Ltd. (OKI)   Report of the NGN testing and showcasing during APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability event and proposal     Q8/11, Q15/11, Q14/11, Q13/11, Q12/11, Q11/11, Q10/11  
[ 54 ]  
2013-10-07 Ukrainian National Information Systems   Draft technical report on counterfeiting     Q8/11  
[ 53 ]  
2013-10-04 Ukrainian National Information Systems   Proposal for an IMEI Global System for combating the trade in counterfeit mobile devices     Q8/11  
[ 52 ]  
2013-10-04 Ukrainian National Information Systems   The illegal trade in ICT - problems and solutions     Q8/11  
[ 51 ]  
2013-10-04 Ukrainian National Information Systems   Proposal to define mechanisms to counter the illegal trade in ICT     Q8/11  
[ 48 ]  
2013-02-14 Russian Federation   Comments highlighted by the draft Handbook on Physical Realisation of NGN     Q8/11, Q11/11  
Results:21 total items.
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