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ITU-T SG 5  TD (2013-12-02) 


Environment and climate change

Study Period 2013

Meeting  from 2013-12-02 to 2013-12-13

held in Peru [Lima]

Other Meetings : 2016-10-10  2016-04-20  2015-10-12  2014-12-08  2014-07-23  2014-05-19  [ 2013-12-02 ]  2013-01-29 

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Temporary Documents  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title Questions
[ 268-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 Rapporteur Q16/5   Responses to the Q16 questionnaire on Emission Factors Databases     Q16/5  
[ 267-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 Rapporteur Q16/5   Minutes of the Q16 e-meeting (8 Nov 2013)     Q16/5  
[ 266-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 TSB   Planned events for 2014     QALL/5  
[ 265-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 Rapporteur Q17/5   Updated draft of L.M&M_Infra     Q17/5  
[ 264-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 Rapporteur Q17/5   Updated draft of L.Ref     Q17/5  
[ 263-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 Rapporteur Q17/5   Updated draft of L.DC_minimum set     Q17/5  
[ 262-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 Associate Rapporteur Q13/5   Last draft of Technical paper on life-cycle management of ICT equipment : objectives and content proposal     Q13/5  
[ 261-GEN ]  
2013-11-21 Associate Rapporteur Q13/5   Last draft of L.UPA     Q13/5  
[ 260-GEN ]  
2013-11-20 Chairman FG SSC   Progress report to SG5 on the activities of FG-SSC     QALL/5  
[ 259-GEN ]  
2013-11-20 Rapporteur Q14/5   Proposed Handbook for Question 14/5 (Setting up a low cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries)     Q14/5  
[ 258-GEN ]  
2013-11-19 Vice-Chairman SG5   Green ICT Standards Landscape and Roadmap     QALL/5  
[ 257-GEN ]  
2013-11-19 IEEE SA   LS/i on Convergence of Smart Home and Building Architectures [from IEEE SA]     Q17/5  
[ 256-GEN ]  
2013-11-19 IEC SMB   LS/i on need for collaboration between IEC Technical Committees and SG 5 [from IEC SMB]     QALL/5  
[ 255-GEN ]  
2013-11-14 Liaison rapporteur for IEC   IEC/DTS 62700 on DC power supply for notebook computer     Q13/5  
[ 254-GEN ]  
2013-11-08 Vice-chairman SG5   ITU-T SG5 RG-AFR meeting report     QALL/5  
[ 253-GEN ]  
2013-11-08 ITU-T SG5 RG-AFR   Information guide on human exposure to EMF     Q7/5  
[ 252-GEN ]  
2013-11-08 ITU-T SG5 RG-AFR   Strategic roadmap for adequate e-waste management in the African region     Q13/5  
[ 251-GEN ]  
2013-11-08 ITU-T SG5 RG-AFR   Assessment of the compliance of radio base stations with lightning-protection and mast-security requirements     Q5/5  
[ 250-GEN ]  
2013-11-08 ITU-T SG5 RG-AFR   Methodology for assessment of the compliance of GSM base stations with exposure limits     Q7/5  
[ 249-GEN ]  
2013-11-07 TSB   Events on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change     QALL/5  
[ 248-GEN ]  
2013-11-07 Rapporteur Q18/5   Draft new Recommendation ITU-T L.1430 (for approval, December 2013)     Q18/5  
[ 247-GEN ]  
2013-11-07 Vice-Chairman, WP2/5   Q7/5 -EMF Guide - Draft Scope & Contents List     Q7/5  
[ 246-GEN ]  
2013-11-06 ITU-D SG1   LS/i on Agreed Working Definition of the Term "ICT" [from ITU-D SG1]     QALL/5  
[ 245-GEN ]  
2013-11-05 Chairman FG-SSC   Extension of the Focus Group on "Smart and Sustainable Cities" (FG-SSC)     QALL/5  
[ 244-GEN ]  
2013-11-05 ITU-T SG9   LS/i on coexistence of wired telecommunications with radiocommunication systems - Considerations with respect to work on Recommendation ITU-T J.195.1 (J.HINOC-REQ) [from ITU-T SG9]     Q9/5, Q8/5, Q6/5  
[ 243-GEN ]  
2013-11-04 ITU-T SG9   LS/i on WTSA Resolution 80 [from ITU-T SG9]     QALL/5  
[ 242-GEN ]  
2013-11-04 JCA-Res.178   LS/i on JCA-Res178 requests your input [from JCA-Res.178]     QALL/5  
[ 241-GEN ]  
2013-10-22 FG Innovation   LS/i on Inputs on ICT Innovation Panel [from FG Innovation]     QALL/5  
[ 240-GEN ]  
2013-10-17 IEC TC100   LS/i on letter regarding IEC 62700: DC Power supply for notebook computer [from IEC TC100]     Q13/5  
[ 239-GEN ]  
2013-10-17 ITU-T SG2   LS/i on Telecommunication Management and OAM Project Plan [from ITU-T SG 2]     QALL/5  
[ 238-GEN ]  
2013-10-17 ITU-T SG17   LS/i on an informal guideline for correspondence group transparency and balance, including template for correspondence group reports [from ITU-T SG17]     QALL/5  
[ 237-GEN ]  
2013-09-13 ITU-R WP1C   LS/i/r on human exposure to electromagnetic fields [from ITU-R WP1/C]     Q7/5  
[ 236-GEN ]  
2013-09-12 ITU-R WP5D   LS/i on use of spectrum and radio technology low cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries [from ITU-R WP5D]     Q14/5  
[ 235-GEN ]  
2013-09-12 ITU-R WP5D   LS/i on development of a recommendation for eco-specifications and rating criteria for mobile phones eco-rating programs [from ITU-R WP5D]     Q16/5  
[ 234-GEN ]  
2013-07-19 TSB   Draft time plan for the meeting of Study Group 5     QALL/5  
[ 233-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 JCA-IoT   LS/i on updates to the list of IoT-related Questions for comments [from JCA-IoT]     QALL/5  
[ 232-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 JCA-Cloud   LS/i on invitation to contribute to the cloud computing roadmap population [from JCA-Cloud]     Q19/5, Q18/5, Q17/5  
[ 231-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 ITU-R WP3L   LS/i on the effect on Telecommunications of an extreme solar event [from ITU-R WP3L]     Q9/5, Q5/5, Q4/5  
[ 230-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 TSAG   LS/i on change of lower bound of frequency range allocated in the Radio Regulations by WRC-12 [from TSAG]     Q9/5, Q8/5, Q7/5, Q6/5, Q11/5, Q10/5  
[ 229-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 TSAG   LS/i on status of translation in ITU-T [from TSAG]     QALL/5  
[ 228-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 TSAG   LS/i on WTSA-12 Action Plan [from TSAG]     QALL/5  
[ 227-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 ITU-R WP1A   LS/i on coexistence of wired telecommunications (including PLT) with radiocommunication systems - considerations with respect to work on Recommendation ITU-T J.195 (J.HINOC-REQ) [from ITU-R WP1A]     Q8/5, Q6/5  
[ 226-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 ITU-R WP1A   LS/i on activities of ITU-T Study Group 5 related to interference between radio signal and device or cable connected to wired broadband networks and cable television networks [from ITU-R WP1A]     Q8/5, Q6/5  
[ 225-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 FG DR&NRR   LS/i on regular updating of work progress [from FG-DR&NRR]     Q19/5, Q15/5  
[ 224-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 TSB   ITU Kaleidoscope 2013 - Papers relevant to SG5     Q19/5, Q17/5, Q15/5, Q14/5  
[ 223-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 ITU-R SG5   LS/i on coexistence of wired and wireless communications systems - Revision of Recommendation ITU-T K.60 [from ITU-R SG5]     Q8/5, Q6/5  
[ 222-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 ITU-R SG5   LS/i on impact from wired telecommunication (including PLT) on radiocommunication systems [from ITU-R SG5]     Q6/5  
[ 221-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 ITU-T SG2   LS/i on continuation of JCA-AHF with revised ToR to TSAG [from ITU-T SG2]     QALL/5  
[ 220-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 JCA-CIT   LS/i on the request to fill a) living list of technologies suitable for testing and b) list of possible pilot projects for conformity assessment against ITU-T Recommendations (reply to COM 11-LS 10, LS12 R1 and LS 13) [from JCA-CIT]     QALL/5  
[ 219-GEN ]  
2013-07-18 JCA-CIT   LS/i on list of official liaison officers of ITU-T SGs in JCA-CIT [from JCA-CIT]     QALL/5  
Results:276 total items.
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