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Earth-exploration satellite systems and meteorological elements

Results:12 total items.
Contributions  [ Source: WP 4A ]   Documents / Contributions
Title Source Date
[ 266 ]  
Liaison statement to WPs 7C and 7D, and JRG 8A-9B - Preliminary draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R S.1427     WP 4A   2003-04-08
[ 219 ]  
Liaison from WP 4A     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 218 ]  
Liaison statement to TG 1/7, WPs 7C and 7D on band-by-band studies     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 217 ]  
Liaison statement to Working Party 7C and Task Group 1/7 on technical parameters of the ISS systems in the band 22.55-23.55 GHz     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 216 ]  
Liaison to WPs 1A/6S, 7B, 7C, 8D, Satellite Backlog Action Group - Development of software requirements for automating the examination of space filings for compliance with Article 5     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 214 ]  
LS on compatibility analysis between the EESS (passive) in the band 50.2-50.4 GHz and a possible new allocation to the GSS (space-to-Earth) in parts of the band 47.2-50.2 GHz     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 134 ]  
Liaison statement to WP 7C and JTG 4-7-8-9 - Earth exploration-satellite service (active) allocation in the band 5 140-5 250 MHz     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 125 ]  
Liaison to Working Parties 1A, 6S, 7B, 7C, 8D, Satellite Backlog Action Group and the Radiocommunications Bureau - Development of specifications for automating Article S5 and other provisions of the radio regulations     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 124 ]  
Liaison Statement to the Special Committee, Working Parties 1A, 6S, 7B, 7C and 8D and Note to the Director, Radiocommunication Bureau     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 122 ]  
Liaison statement to Task Group 1/7, Working Parties 6S, 7C, 7D, 7E, 8D and 9D - Methods under consideration regarding WRC-03 agenda item 1.8.2     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 104 ]  
Liaison statement to Working Parties 1A, 6S, 7C, 8D and the BR - Automating Article S5 and other provisions of the Radio Regulations     WP 4A   2002-02-11
[ 38 ]  
Liaison statement from Working Party 7C to Task Group 1/5, and Working Parties 7C and 7D concerning the band-by-band study     WP 4A   2002-02-11
Results:12 total items.
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