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Earth-exploration satellite systems and meteorological elements

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[ 247 ]  
2002-09-20 Japan   Proposed revision to PDNR [7C/203(Attachment 8), 1998-2000 series] - Sharing in the bands 1 215-1 300 MHz between the Earth exploration-satellite service (active) and space research (active), and other services allocated in this band     N/A  
[ 246 ]  
2002-09-20 Japan   Proposed upgrade of preliminary draft new Recommendation - Sharing in the band 35.5-36 GHz between the Earth Exploration-Satellite Service (active) and space research service (active), and other services allocated in this band     233/7  
[ 245 ]  
2002-09-20 Japan   Proposed preliminary draft new Recommendation - Sharing between Earth exploration-satellite service (passive) and other terrestrial services in the band 36-37 GHz     113/9, 232/7  
[ 161 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Sharing study on spaceborne passive sensor for earth observation whith other systems operating in the 36-37 GHz bands     N/A  
[ 159 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Information concerning Japanese Meteorological Satellite Systems     N/A  
[ 154 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Prop. draft LS to WPs 8D, 7D and 7E - Comments to WP 7E's review of proposed prelimin. elements for the CPM Report prepared by WP 8D regarding sharing between the MetAids and MetSat services and the mobile-satel. serv. in the band 1 670-1 690 MHz     N/A  
[ 75 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Proposed amendments to Preliminary draft elements for Chapter 4.1 of the CPM Report to WRC-03     N/A  
[ 74 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Information for reply Liaison Statement to WP 9D on impact of HAPS interference on EESS (passive) operations in the 31.3-31.8 GHz band     N/A  
[ 73 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Compatibility study on active spaceborne precipitation radar with radiolocation systems operating in the 35.5-36 GHz bands     N/A  
[ 72 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Compatibility study on spaceborne passive sensor for Earth observation with other systems operating in the 36-37 GHz bands     N/A  
[ 71 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Compatibility study on SAR in Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS) operating in the frequency ranges of 420-470 MHz and the launch vehicle command destruct receiver - Studies concerning WRC-03 item 1.38     N/A  
[ 15 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Proposed liaison statement from WP 7B, 7C, 7D to TG 1/5 - Proposed modification of the preliminary draft new Recommendation on the protection of passive services from unwanted emissions     N/A  
[ 13 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Consideration regarding the impact of uplink transmission in the fixed service using high altitude platform stations (HAPS) on the earth exploration satellite service (passive) in the 31 GHz band     N/A  
[ 12 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Proposal to modify preliminary draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R SA.515-3, ITU-R SA.1028-1 and ITU-R SA.1029-1 (7C/TEMP/150, 153 and 154)     N/A  
[ 11 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Framework of a prelim. draft new Rec.- E.I.R.P. limit and operational restrictions for RLANs or other wireless access transmitters in order to ensure the protection of systems in the earth exploration-sat. service (active) in the band 5250-5350 MH     N/A  
[ 10 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Comments for draft meteorology Handbook     N/A  
[ 9 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Frequency sharing between Earth exploration-satellite service (active) and fixed wireless access (FWA) system in Region 3 in the band 5 250-5 350 MHz     N/A  
[ 8 ]  
2002-02-11 Japan   Proposal for liaison statement from WP 7C to WP 9D and WP 8A     N/A  
Results:18 total items.
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